The NEW Way To Sell With Quiz Funnels

High Converting Quiz FunnelsThat Sell Your Courses, Programs & Products

Helping businesses turn their expertise into an automated selling machine, using quiz funnels.


We Specialise In Turning Cold Traffic Into Highly Qualified Leads & Convert Them To Paying Customers in 30 Days or Less.

No more complicated sales funnels, hour-long webinars that lead to nowhere, DM'ing people or sending cold emails.

The Old Way

You chase customers

The Old Way of Selling - You chase Customers - Centis TheQuiz Funnel Co

The New Way

Customers chase You

The New Way - Customers Chase You - Centis The Quiz Funnel Company

Qualify Leads

Segment & RemARKET

Generate Leads

Analyse & Target

Our Quiz Funnel Service

An Easier Way To Get New Customers

If you think that getting leads for your business is going to be a long, hard road, think again.

Want to get more leads faster & cheaper? Use Centis'  quiz marketing service!  A quiz funnel is the solution you've been looking for.

We'll create quiz funnels and even manage them, so you can start generating leads on autopilot, 24/7. Get started today.

Explosive Lead Growth

Get more leads for up to 90% less

We help you lower your cost of acquisition, making it possible to get more leads and increase your business revenue.

Let's say you were running a quiz funnel with a daily FB ads budget of $30. Your lead cost can be as low as $0.50 or even as low as $0.10! Compare that to the average cost of running classic ads on Facebook or Google - oh wait, there is no comparison!

Done For You Quiz Funnel

Complete Quiz Funnel in 14 days

Speedy Support

End to end ads, landing, questions, outcomes & emails

key metrics
Find Customer Preferences

Find Out What Customers Want To Buy, Before They Even Contact You

Test your market's interest in your products and services with a quiz!

With our quiz funnels, you can segment your audience to find what customers want to buy.

With dirt-cheap lead costs, it's super easy to get more leads and convert them to clients down the road.


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What People Say

Tom Estrada

I am a small business owner who was looking for a quick way to get some qualified leads coming in! I tried Centis' quiz funnel service and within just two weeks, I had more leads than I could handle! This is the best lead gen tool on the market. You should definitely give it a try.

Michkel Anegl

I just wanted to share my incredible experience with Centis; quiz funnel. After running a quiz on my website, I was able to see a massive uptick in leads! The quizz they made was setup in less than 14 days and they required minimal input from me - and; the results are phenomenal. I would recommend this product to any entrepreneur looking for a way to grow their business.

Kelly Smith

I can't believe how smart the quiz funnel was in generating leads for me. I am now flooded with a ton of potential clients who are actually interested in what my company has to offer. I want to thank Centis' teaml, because they really helped me see and understand the importance of using quizzes to generate leads.

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