About Centis Digital

Centis Digital is, well, a digital marketing agency. However, Centis is not your typical agency. No. Unlike any other agency, what stands us apart is the fact that we have productized our services, so that anyone can afford them. Which agency in the world gives you Facebook ads, Google Ads, instagram ads, newsletter AND website, for just €400 per month?

We are also known for our "Follow The Sun" model which allows work to be passed from team to team as the sun sets and rises. This means that any type of work gets done in half the time!



Love History? We Do.

Enough with this, however. Let me share a bit of history and context.

Centis started in the UK in 2017 and initially, as I, Sal, had extensive experience in the nutraceuticals industry (buying, selling, advising and working with nutraceutical companies since 2010) we decided it was best to focus on this niche.

We started as a husband and wife team and remained the two of us for two years.

Fast forward to 2021, we now employ 32 people from web design, programming, media buyers and copywriters – and we changed our model at the brink of 2022, where we decided to expand our business model, lower our prices and make our service a “product”.


With Whom Centis Works With

We now serve not just nutraceuticals, but also legal, eCommerce, architects, gyms, coaches and hundreds more.

If you love having a team of experts managing your marketing with people that love marketing and give a damn, please be my honoured guest and book a call with me or with someone from the design team.

We would love to hear about your business, your goals and see how we can help