Double Your Ecommerce Profits Without Hiring Employees

The Marketing Team That Scales Ecommerce Stores

Here’s something to ask yourself… “Why do some ecommerce  stores generate thousands or even millions per week, and others  barely scrape by?”

You probably spent tens of thousands of dollars to outside vendors for a brand-new, state-of-the-art ecommerwebsite. 

You invested your time and money into attracting potential customers but its not converting.

It’s not converting visitors into leads, leads into customers, or customers into advocates.

The reality is, you have made the same critical mistakes that thousands of other ecommerce stores make every day.

They fail to focus on the aspects of their offer that will help people “survive and thrive”…

You make your customers do the leg work to decide whether your product is a natural fit…

And you haven’t learned this simple, one thing:

There are only 3 ways to grow an ecommerce company business:

1. Increase the number of customers,

2. Increase the average order value (AOV), and

3. Increase the average number of purchases per customer.

About Centis Fro Supplements

Story, Strategy, Growth

We believe that the most successful ecommerce  brands all have one thing in common: they know how to market in a smart way.

They don’t just throw a tactic and hope for the best, only to throw the next one next week. Instead, they build and focus on one core thing at a time – story, then strategy then growth, to win and reach their markets.

How You Grow

The noise in the market is louder than ever, with the average person being exposed to anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day.

Your ecommerce brand needs a way to stand out.  Working with Centis, you will get a clear message that transports your customer from their current problems to their future solutions plus:

  • Create repeat buyers through an email-based reorder campaign.
  • Increase your average order value (AOV) through pricing and quantity control, free shipping, bundling, and advanced tactics.
  • Cross-sell and upsell like Amazon, which attributes 35% of revenue to those efforts.
  • Build your conversion mousetraps using on-site messaging, email and Facebook campaigns.
  • Dominate the two acquisition channels that drive the growth of all of Shopify’s biggest stores: Facebook and Instagram.
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The Core Team

Sal Georgiou

CMO & Managing Partner

Sal Georgiou is the CMO and Managing Partner of Centis Digital. He graduated from the American College of Athens with a Major in Marketing Management, and since then he worked in various different industries in marketing – from hosting to food to technology and fashion.

In 2010 he moved from Athens,Greece to London, UK but spends half of the year in his sea-side home in Athens.

In 2019 he transitioned his consultancy cervices to a full-stack agency with a 32 (at the time of this writing)-strong team.

Alice Psarouda

Social Media Manager Team Leader

Alice Psarouda leads the Social media team and directly manages nine people spanning from content creators to social media tacticians and strategists.

She graduated from the Department of Oenology in Athens, and upon graduation she worked in a number of wine shops. She realised her true passion when a winery asked her to also manage their social media account on Facebook where she scaled it from 0 – 20,000 people in less than 3 months.

Needless to say, while wine is still in her, she loves Social more and she is behind successful supplement brand’s social media campaigns and management.

Our Departments

Web Development team

Our core development team is comprised of five people, wth two of them specialising in Shopify development and the rest in WordPress and general coding (Java, CSS, Python).

The development team works alongside the graphic designers and the content team to utilise the strategic vision we will develop for your brand.

Content Team

The content team is our pride. We have a carefully-vetted process of hiring and qualifying content producers that ONLY specialise in supplements and nutraceuticals. Currently the team is made of nine people, one of them being a purely technical writer (meaning he can take scientific research and turn them into readable content).

Our content team specialises in direct response copywriting, conversion optimised, story-led content to maximise your chances of converting more visitors into clients.

They are the people responsible for writing your blog posts, articles, content syndication, newsletters and your product descriptions.

Social Media Team

The social media team is working alongside the content team to promote the content they produce across all agreed social media channels. 

They are responsible for increasing your followers, contacting them one by one, run quizzes and contents, and drive social sales.

But only only that! This social media team is working alongside influencers, finding, qualifying and running giveaways & contests, organising payments and much more.

Currently the team is made of five people, distributed across the world.

Paid Acquisition Team

We tend to refer to that team as “the money-makers”. Not that the Social Media or Content teams do not, but the Paid Acquisition Team holds the position of making your dreams a reality, faster than anyone.

Currently the team is made of six Paid Acquisition specialists – four specialising on Facebook/Instagram, and two on Google/Yahoo/Yandex.

Client Care Team

This is the team that takes over when you make a sale. They handle all customer complains about your warehouse, your returns and refunds. 

This team is trained to REDUCE your returns and refunds by talking with customers and giving them incentives to buy more, or select alternative products.

They are worth every penny! Currently six-people strong, all based in the Philippines, speaking perfect English and handling email and phone like professionals.


Well this isn’t really a team, but one photographer who has his own assistants. He is responsible for making your product shine on both your product pages, or your Instagram account. Ask us to create special photos for influencers.

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