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Get Supplement Photos That Sell

Get professionally shot supplement photos that boost your sales on Amazon, Ebay, your own Eshop, Instagram and Facebook. From specialists supplement product photographers.

One image is a thousand words.

This ancient Chinese proverb couldn't be more relative today, where consumers are looking to buy your supplements.

A badly photographed supplement, no matter how great it is, will never generate sales. In today's all-digital environment you need professional supplement photography that connects emotionally with your customer and also showcases your supplement and its benefits.

Product photography was and will always be, on the most critical components of your online presence.

With more and more companies or brands going digital, customers can only see the product and make a decision online before they buy.  

Product Photography

Supplement Photos Tell A Story

The secret to successful supplement photography that converts boils down to getting one thing right: Storytelling. 

Close your eyes and picture that you’re browsing for a supplement on Amazon.

Where do your eyes go first? Is it the title? The price?  The description?


Its the photo. 

Photos have the power to show the product and instantly form an emotional connect with your customer’s subconscious minds.

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How Centis' Photography Team Shoots Amazing Supplement Photos

Specialist Supplement Photographers

When you want to give your supplements for a photo shoot, you need to give them to the agency that works with supplements – anot generic stuff.

You will get 10 years of experience in supplement photography, highlighting all your product features and the sublimilar story it conveys.

Amazon, Ebay or your store

From clear glass supplement bottles to plastic black ones, your requirements will be met on time and efficiently, in alignment with the strict Amazon’s guidelines, Ebay and your store.

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Realistic product composites -

Realistic Product Composites

Lifestyle composites are a photography technique where you get your supplement placed on a lifestyle photo, in such a was as to look it was photographed there.

Its a low cost alternative to hiring expensive models, studios or street photgraphers.

How It Works:

evaluate existing channels

Order Online

Simply select the service you need (white background for Amazon/Ebay/Your store) or lifestyle photos and place your order.

We Contact You To Start The Process

Our team will email you to get the specifics right so as when you send the products, we will be ready. Preparation is key.
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You Ship The Supplements

After you’ve placed your order, send your products to the address we will indicate you. Please note that we do not pay for inbound shipping.

We Photograph Them

Your supplements will be photographed on our professional sets by formally trained & highly experienced product photographers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Yes! We specialise in supplements os we do not shoot anything else. Your supplements will be photographed by product specialists in our in-house stdo

We offer three kinds:

  • With white background for Amazon, meeting their strict guidelines
  • With white background and shadow (if you want) for Ebay and your own store
  • With lifestyle composition, meaning that you select a lifestyle photo that you want/like and we place your supplement in such a way that it looks like it was photographed there. This is ideal for Instagram, Facebook, or your blog.

Great! Put those ideas in your order form. Our team will review this information and use it to create validated photos for your supplements.

Absolutely! Our product photographers are specialised in ... products, so we can shoot glass, reflections, plastic, anything that you need with utmost quality.


Yes, and you pay per shot. There are no minimums (ok, except one photo).

When we finish, we wil lgive you access to your dashboard where you will be able to see your photos. When you approve, you simply download them to your computer.

If you do not like something or we do not meet your expectations, then we will do it again, until you are satisfied.

We do, but you have to pay shipping. In most cases, because we open the bottles to show the content and use, these are unusable later, so, unless you ask us to, we will not ship them.


Want to see a product portfolio?

Please note that all customers are on NDA and we can not show images publicly