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Are you stuck with a buyer who is demanding, gives you a rough time, and creates a lot of problems between you and your team?

You are not alone. Nearly everyone has clients like that. Both sides are unhappy and there is a lot of maintenance.

If you feel like some of your clients giving you a hard time, maybe its time to ask the question:

How do I attract clients for my nutraceuticals brand that I will actually enjoy working with?

Attracting your ideal client isn’t rocket science. And yes, there is a tool for that 🙂

You need to know just one key thing…

To actually know who your ideal client is.

So if you booked a call with us and we asked you to describe your ideal client, what would you say?

“Well, my ideal client would have a ton of  money to invest in my nutraceuticals products!”

Ok, now you are being funny.

If you don’t know who your ideal client is (their role, their struggles, their work problems, what makes them happy, how much budget they have each year, and so on)—there is no way you can attract them.

So, if you are not sure what are the characteristics of your ideal buyer – the one who will send an email to your sales team, gladly accept your sales call, discuss with you your solutions and finally place an order for a pallet of vitamins – then we suggest you start creating their persona.

How To Attract The Ideal Client: Customer Personas

This blog post takes you to step by step to each key information you need to uncover your nutraceuticals clients so you can begin to build a better relationship with them.

Here is a pointer: If you find yourself with a headache, unable to answer the questions, that’s a great indication that you need to do more research.

And what can you do when you can’t find more information about them online?

Talk To Your Clients

If you are a contract manufacturer, you already have clients that love you and depend on you for the quality supplements you manufacture them. These clients are exactly the people you want to base your customer persona because they already have a good relationship with you.

Meet Your Ideal Client Where They Spend Their Time

Not all clients of yours are the same. Each one has different needs, different characteristics and so on.

Amongst other similar facts (like i.e. they all work as a Purchasing Manager for retailers), they all have one similar characteristic: they are all using LinkedIn for business, and Facebook for personal time.

How do you reach them there? With online advertising. Digital advertising is the most time-efficient chance you have at connecting with your ideal customer. With some targeted Google ads, a retargeting Facebook campaign and a LinkedIn outreach, you’ll be able to draw a fair number of leads every month.

The Customer Persona that you have already created, will help you fill your ad and select the proper keywords. And while it’s unlikely that every lead will fit the criteria of your ideal client, you will get a decent amount to fill your pipeline.

“Yes, but how will my ads attract my target market?”

Speak About Their Problems

Your nutraceutical buyers are human beings. And human beings need to be understood, sympathised and cared for,

Your marketing campaigns need to reflect this.

For your marketing to be effective, you need to directly speak to a specific audience and make them feel understood, heard, and cared for.

Start your ads with their before state: that is, the current problem that the customer is facing.

What would that be if you are a nutraceuticals manufacturer?

Well, do they face a problem with MOQ? State you have low MOQs.

Do they face a problem with quality issues? State your certifications and provide a customer testimonial.

Or they don’t know where to find effective off-the-shelf formulas to private label? State the good results your ready-made formulations provide.

By calling out the situation and emotions surrounding the before state, it shows that your nutraceutical manufacturing brand heard, understood, and cared about them. You know what kind of struggles your customer is going through, and you show that you want to help!

Now go and do that in your ads.

Show them that you know and can identify the frustrations and fears that your client is experiencing.

But once you point out the before state, it’s important to show the after state.

Tell Them What They Gain By Working With You

So now you’ve pointed out your client’s problems, but you shouldn’t jump immediately to the sale.

This is where lots of supplements and nutraceuticals marketers make a mistake: They rush to listing out their products.

You see, their boss is pushing for sales. But here’s the thing…

Your client doesn’t give rats about your product. They can get their supplements from nearly anywhere (ok, with a lit bit of more effort, that is). Your clients only care about what your nutraceuticals can do for them. Your client only cares about how your supplements can help transform their business and their client’s lives.

So in your ads, just show how your supplements and how your contract manufacturing services will help your customer transition from the before state to an ideal after state.

Because products don’t convert clients, but what these can do for your clients, do.

So, think about your client’s ideal after state.

How will they feel once they’ve accomplished their goal of buying your supplements (hopefully in truckloads)? What will their day to day look like after taking advantage of your products? How will they look to their boss’ eyes when they have successfully selected you, who you delivered on time, a great quality supplement that works?

What will have changed?

Put these transformations on in your advertising.

If you can demonstrate, picture, and show what the future holds when they work with you, they’ll be dying to work with you.

So… don’t sell your supplements, don’t sell your contract manufacturing services, sell the transformation.

Prove Them That You Are Who You Say

So now you successfully used the before and after states in your ads, and your ideal client is pumped up and ready to take the next step.

What would be the next step?

NO. YOU DO NOT SELL THEM YOUR PRODUCTS JUST YET. (remember the above section?)

What you need to do now is sell them something that they can’t say no to.

Expecting your client to spend millions on your amazing supplements, right after a good (or shall I say spending) ad … would be a grave mistake.

What you need is an opportunity to prove to your customer that “this is who we are, here are our principles, we will help you make an informed decision”. The best way to do that is by asking for a small commitment.

This is where an Opt-in incentive comes into play. Op-in incentives are a great way to offer immense value to your customer with little-to-no risk on their end.

The Opt-in incentive is something that your client finds it interesting and is prepared to either exchange their email or pay a very small amount to get it. The Opt-in incentive shouldn’t be your main offer, but it should be the natural first step towards your main offer. It should provide a quick win.

By asking a little, and delivering a lot, your client knows that you’re aware of their problems, and you’re serious about delivering results that help them overcome these problems.

If you can get to know your customer, meet them where they are at, and show them that your product will help them transform, you won’t just attract your ideal client, you’ll convert them too.