Ultimate Guide To Nutraceuticals Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Nutraceuticals Marketing

Discover How to Market Your Nutraceuticals Business!

Digital Marketing is chaotic. From identifying your audience to creating paid advertising, unless you have a step by step guide that explains what to do, it is easy to get lost in the sea of endless tactics.

At €49.99 this book will take you by the hand and show you what to do at every step in the way.

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Read What They Say about the Book

Ultimate Guide To Nutraceuticals Marketing 2

“I particularly loved the email marketing section, which clearly our company was lacking behind.”

Julie Foucher

Ultimate Guide To Nutraceuticals Marketing 3

“I initially though, there, another book for marketing, but since I was sent a copy I changed my mind. This is just for nutraceuticals and nothing else.”

Tobias Hardy


What Will You Find Inside?

Creating A Strategic Template

A stretgy template can be used over and over and can be applied across all your marketing campaigns, saving you time.

Social Media Strategy

The Social Media strategy used by mega-brands to fully leverage social media in your marketing plans.

Analytics & Data

Monitor performance via Analytics so as to turn numbers and reports into actionable intelligence and grow your nutraceuticals company.

Content Strategy

Develope an effective content strategy to not only attract prospects, but also drive more sales and grow your business.

Email Marketing

More than 12 Email Marketing principles and templates to help you convert more customers.

Digital Advertising Plan

Discover the elements of a digital advertising plan that helps you avoid burning cash, and at the same time, easily and affordably get people’s attention and convert them to customers.

Search Marketing

How to design your Search Marketing strategy to boost your website’s traffic and visitors’ trust

Conversion Optimisation

And finally, optimise your website via Conversion Optimisation techniques so as to convert more customers with the existing traffic.

About the Author

Sal Georgiou

Sal Georgiou is a digital marketer and direct response advertiser. Since 2017 he is the CMO and managing partner of Centis Digital, a nutraceuticals-focused marketing agency. His work has helped supplement brands expand their reach, increase their growth and retain more customers.

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The Ultimate Guide To Nutraceuticals Marketing

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