Gadgets Store Reaches 400% ROI with Email Marketing

Selling gadgets has a lot of competition, but it’s a lucrative niche if you get it right.

Our client John was selling on Amazon for more than 10 years. He was doing well but he decided that the time was right to enable another sales channel of his own: his website. He already had one in WordPress but it was developed over 10 years ago. It was buggy, was never updated and for what’s worth, his customers never got a reply to their messages. He had completely abandoned this medium, but after the crisis of 2020, he decided it was time to stop depending on Amazon but enable as many other sales channels as he could think of.

One of these was his email database with 1500 people, which have never been emailed after the original “Thank you for your order”.

We suggested migrating from his current, clunky email provider over to Klaviyo. It’s not only that we are partners with Klaviyo, but we have also mastered the art of email and we have never seen any other email provider having so many features.

Our first task was to “re-activate” these 1500 people who had opted in but not purchased, and also warm up the customers who purchased but never heard anything from John again.

So our content writers sat down with John and proposed a schedule of emails to land to the customers and prospect’s inboxes |strategically” during certain times of certain days for maximum deliverability.

The result? We sent to an original list of 1500 people. The first email was opened by just 23, and … made a sale (without asking any!) and the next reached 1015 people (because the rest decided to unsubscribe – which is good, as we are cleaning up his list at the same time, keeping the people who want to to hear from him) and made $456.08!!!

Email marketing from Centis

Our next step was to prepare all automation for John so as to have emails sent when:

  • someone subscribes to his email newsletter
  • someone buys a gadget
  • someone browses his store but leaves
  • someone abandons his cart
  • welcome sequence to his first-time buyers
  • frequent customer workflow

and many more

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