How content marketing generated €1,000,000 for a clothing brand

Content marketing is king. People are hungry for information and consume any article and any guide they can find to help them solve their problem.

However, when it comes to fashion, things are kind of challenging. Helen, the owner of a fashion e-commerce site came to us via a referral. She wanted to drive traffic to her site, but she saw that she had to compete with hundreds of low-cost competitors and she was burning money on Facebook for no return.

We were her last hope, she said, and with that, we got to work.

After analysing her Facebook account and checking the competition, we decided that the best course of action was to start adding more email subscribers.Β  Email is the best medium to reach hundreds or thousands of people who have already raised their hands and declared that they want to hear from you.

So we played a combination of an article, a fashion quiz, a lead gen form and a retargeting campaign.

We initially wrote an article about the best performing segment of her customers, which was sweet -cropped cardigans. We wrote about the latest trends, and we placed a link to a quiz, where after a series of questions we got the email and the fashion preferences of anyone who opted in.

Then we ran ads to the content itself. Because we ran Facebook ads on content, Facebook rewarded us with very low CPA costs. We then connected Klaviyo, our preferred email marketing system with getting all leads from the quiz. This integration uploaded all these people on Facebook custom audiences and ran remarketing ads for less than €0.08!

The result? Over the course of a year, the content drove €1,000,000 in sales whereas advertising costs did not exceed €650,873. We would say this is a very good investment!