Meet James, Selling Supplements

James came to Centis at the end of 2019, having established a successful private label supplement brand on Amazon US. He makes more than $500,000 per year and he managed things so far on his own. He realised that having an e-commerce site was another profit-driven channel for him, so after an initial Strategy Session, he decided to invest with Centis in his marketing.

Before coming to Centis, James wanted to develop more products. But for some reason, all of his time was taken up with his current products. From inventory to Amazon support and marketing, this left him no time to do anything else.

Coming over to Centis and giving up control of his marketing was a big decision, he said to us. But James was confident in our ability to design a super-converting store, so we did our best job ever. A new Shopify storefront was designed with conversion optimisation in mind, with multiple product variations, in three different languages and currencies.

James also invested in marketing with Facebook so we started doing A/B testing with new assets, took great photos and added 8,000 people to his email database in Klaviyo.

After realising the power of outsourcing all his marketing to the experts, James started unload all of the “tasks in waiting” that have been building for years!