Meet Nis, The Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Nis is the owner of a small beauty brand.  As a small business owner he is used to doing everything on his own – from working with the factory directly to order to managing Shopify orders, to customer service, to Amazon storefront and much more.

Instead of spending his time improving the branding and focusing on revenue growing activities, Nis finds himself waking up tired and overwhelmed. His dream business has become his worst nightmare. He is constantly worrying about sales and spends less and less time with his family. His store is losing revenue, and it’s distracting him from growing, trying to maintain positions.

As an entrepreneur, it’s a waste of his time to sit on a computer all day and sort through operations hiccups. It is clear that Nis needs someone to focus on marketing and drive revenue for him.

This is the perfect match for Centis — Nis just outsources his email marketing, PPC and Facebook ads on Centis and focuses on expanding his operations – working with potential distributors, establishing a brand online and much more.