Supplements Store Sees A 264.81% lift in conversions

Stella, the owner of a small supplement brand contacted in June 2021. She was throwing around $4000 per month on Facebook ads, another $1500 per month on Google Search and Display and there were no additional sales coming in. She hit a ceiling.

After a quick evaluation, we felt that her product pages were not converting due to bad design, bad product photos and no calls to action.

So we ran an experiment (we call it a hypothesis). We created a different product page for a low-volume product and ran ads on both the new product page and the old one. The new product page outperformed the old one so we knew we had a winner.

Then we went one step further: we asked the brand’s subscribers what did they think of the new design and awarded them with a gift card from the store – anyone who answered our questions with an explanation got a $20 voucher to spend in-store.

The results exceeded our expectations. Because she already had an engaged list, we had no trouble getting subscribers who were more than willing to give us their opinion.

As such we implemented most changes that the consumers themselves indicated, also adding videos, testimonials, a returns guarantee and several calls to actions.

Here is when we went live:

Conversion Optimisation - Centis

What’s next for Stella? Our next moves are to start optimising her email marketing sequences and create upsells in each product so she can maximise her cart revenues.

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