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ppc audit

PPC Audits: 9-step checklist for an ideal PPC audit

So you launched an Adwords or Bings campaign and you expected some fast-action sales, right? But sales are not coming in, and your budget is soon to be exhausted. You go back to your ads,…
Google analytics-centis digital

How Google Analytics Data Can Help Your Nutraceuticals Brand Grow Faster

Do you monitor your Google Analytics? In addition, do you make decisions based on your Google Analytics data so as to grow your nutraceuticals brand? Data. If anyone would have told me when I was…

Nutraceuticals Marketing: How To Develop A Social Media Strategy

Nutraceuticals marketing is hard. You know it and we know it. However, if you do not properly market your nutraceuticals business, then you are simply out of business. That said, many businesses fail to fully…