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Google Ads For Supplements

Google Ads For Supplements: How Much Should You Spend?

Google Ads For Supplements: If you own a supplements store, you have probably noticed that its becoming more difficult every day to advertise on Google Ads. One reason is that the pandemic forced many people…
ppc audit

PPC Audits: 9-step checklist for an ideal PPC audit

So you launched an Adwords or Bings campaign and you expected some fast-action sales, right? But sales are not coming in, and your budget is soon to be exhausted. You go back to your ads,…
attract your ideal client- centis digital

How To Attract The Ideal Client For Your Nutraceuticals Brand

Ideal Client for Nutraceutical Business: Are you stuck with a buyer who is demanding, gives you a rough time, and creates a lot of problems between you and your team? You are not alone. Nearly…