Centis vs GoDaddy

Should you prefer Centis or GoDaddy for your website?

Here is the rundown: With Centis, you get a website created for you, whilst at GoDaddy you have to create it yourself.

Plus GoDaddy offers no done-for-you marketing. We do.

Why You Should Choose CentisThan GoDaddy

In reality, there is no comparison. Centis creates a website FOR you, whilst at GoDaddy you pay a low monthly fee to learn their platform and create it on your own.

However, Centis also provides done-for-you marketing in every plan, whereas GoDaddy forces you signup for online tools and work your way up. With GoDaddy you don't have any custom-made marketing options.

For example, in the Aspiring Entrepreneur Plan, you get a world-class website with all the bells and whistles AND you get a custom-written newsletter each month, all at one price.

What do you get with Centis?

  • a semi-custom website created for you that reflects your brand. Your website will be unique for you.
  • embedded analytics inside your dashboard to check your traffic
  • fully-optimised lead capture forms to cature leads
  • a CRM with unlimited contacts, lead stages, file transfer and more to have all leads and customers automatically transferred to for easy management
  • a custom-written monthly newsletter, specifically for your brand
  • Blog-ready to write your thoughts and provide market leadership

Whether you choose Centis or GoDaddy depends on your personal preferences, your budget and most importantly whether you need a website created for you rather than creating a website on your own.

If you want your website created for you and you also need to market it at the same time, choose Centis.

A World-Class Website Created For You

With Centis, you get a world-class semi-custom website, specifically created to reflect your brand


With every website from Centis you get a CRM with unlimited contacts, huge file storage, deal stages and more, so you can keep your contacts, deals, proposals and more organised.


All Centis' sites are based on WordPress, thus they are blog ready. We enhance your blog functionality with plugins and configurations so you can share your content in a breeze and create beautiful SEO-optimised posts.

Digital Marketing Included

Depending on the plan you purchase, all our plans include a custom-written newsletter specifically for your business. When you are ready, you can scale up with digital advertising like Facebook & Instagram ads, Google & Bing, Display and retargeting.

Embedded Analytics

You do not have to load your Google Analytics anymore. Your website's dashboard has al the analytics you need, so each time you login you can see your traffic.

Fully Optimised Lead Capture Forms

You do not have to scratch your head on how to capture your next vistor - or waste your advertising budget driving traffic to a site that doesn't convert. We have done the hard work for you creating optimal lead capture forms that are connected to your CRM.