Do-It-Yourself Quiz Funnel

How To Go From ZERO To Easily Adding 234 Leads Per Day, At $0.10-$0.50 Per Lead - Using A DIY, Copy & Paste Quiz Funnel

Love Doing Things On Your Own?


Answer A Few Questions

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your busines,s your ideal market, and your customer's pain point that relates to your product or service.

We Research The Market For Your

We go to work, researching the market and finding out about your ideal customer.

We Create & Send Your Custom Content

After the research, we create your ads, your quiz questions, your outcomes and we send them to you in a Google Document. You simply copy, paste and execute!

Create Your Own Quiz Funnel

All you have to do is copy paste what we send you to start exploding your list & sales

Grow Your Business To Thousand Leads Per Month Using Quiz Funnels

For Any Type Of Business

⦿ Are you a coach, a consultant or do you sell a service of any kind… and want to wake up every morning to a jam-packed sales pipeline and inbox bursting with qualified sales calls and eager-to-buy leads?


⦿ Are you a new (or seasoned) business owner who simply needs more leads and qualified sales opportunities to sell and close?


⦿ Do you sell physical products and need to build a huge database of leads, sales and remarketing opportunities?


If you answered “Yes” to any of the above…


But you HATE to pay an agency to create a quiz funnel for you…


Then the DIY Quiz Funnel is for you:

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hundreds of customers seeing results everyday since they implemented our program

Love the Quiz Funnel template that you guys sent me. It was spot on! The audience was well-researched, I loved the questions and the answers and running it was a breeze! Still waiting for more results, and I promise I will make a new review when I am done!

Michel M.

Ecom owner

I didn’t expect such a fast response! You promised results in 5-7 days and I got them in 3! Great questions, nail the audience down! Ran it and got my first qualified lead one day after! Booked an appointment and landed a $3,000 customer! Well worth my investment!

Dona S.


I was worried at first that for $147 my money would be wasted but I thought I would try it. Turns out, these guys are the real deal. Great question, great audience selection, love the whole thing! I am running the quiz for a month now and I have more leads than I can count!

Vincent C.

Health Practitioner

What To Expect?

We have simplified the process of creating a quiz funnel, even a 5-year old can do it.

Answer a few questions

After purchasing, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill out a form (surprise!).


We will ask you a few questions about your customers, your business and your market. If something is incomprehensible, we will request to have a quick online meeting for clarifications.

We research your market

As soon as we have all the data we need, we get to work. We will research the market, your customers, the pain points and will keep you in the loop during the process so as not to draw out the wrong coclusions.

We create the templates

Based on what you answered, what we found and your feedback, we start creating the templates.

First, the ads.

Then the copy for the landing.

Then the questions & answers.

And finally the outcome pages.

Launch your quiz!

Having done all the above we send you via email a zip folder which will contain numbered folders and step-by-step instructions of what to do.


Simply open each folder, and copy and paste the content to your Ads Manager, your chosen quiz software and launch the quiz!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a bunch of software or tools?

The only three tools you will need is your Ads Manager (if you love Facebook ads) which is free, a quiz software (some of them are free for a few thousand leads, and your email marketing software (if you do not currently have one, Mailchimp and MailerLite offer free versions.

Will this work for my business?

“This all sounds great… but my business is different and this won’t work in my market and on my type of clients.”
That’s what you might be saying to yourself…
Therefore, I personally guarantee you it will PLUS we offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day full refund policy to make this 100% risk-free for you.


What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our work, and because we are providing you a very specific outcome, we do not provide any refunds.

What do I get in the Do-It Yourself quiz funnel?

You get:

2 x Facebook Ad Assets ( 2 x images, 2 copy (text) variations, 2 different CTAs, up to 8 audience recommendations. To implement, simply copy-paste on your ads manager and launch!
1 x Copy (text) for your quiz landing page
Up to 10 well-researched, engaging quiz Q&A for your market – Includes 2 revisions
2 Outcome Page Copy (Text)
Simply use your favorite quiz software to copy and paste the quiz questions, the outcome pages and the landing page copy and you are done! Mapping will be included!

I do not think that my clients will use a quiz.

We have launched several quiz funnels in many niches, including services, and products – every single time, the client gets a ton of qualified leads that are way more open to be contacted or book an appointment or buys a product easier than any other, “traditional” ad. So when we say that it WILL work in your industry, we mean it.

What happens if I do not like something?

We are here for you. Upon sending you the files, you will get to approve or dissaprove the content – some or as a whole. You will let us know and we will immediately start working on alternatives. You get 2 revisions (which means, 1 original file sent, and then 2 extra revisions – on copy or on images).

If you do not like anything, you are covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Simply let us know and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked!

Who is a quiz funnel for?

Are you a coach, or consultant or do you sell a service of any kind… and want to wake up every morning to a jam-packed sales pipeline and inbox bursting at its seams with qualified sales calls and eager-to-buy leads?

Are you a new (or seasoned) business owner who simply needs more leads, appointments with decision-makers, and qualified sales opportunities to sell and close?
Are you an eCommerce business owner who wants to get clients more consistently with the most “interactive” outreach so you can grow your business without ads?
Do you have ANYTHING you’d like to sell?
Products?! Services?! Yourself?!
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above…
Then quiz funnels are just for you.

What is the difference in DIY Quiz Funnels and the other two packages you have?

Well, as the name implies, the DIY quiz funnel is a do-it-yourself system where we research the market, get feedback from you, fine-tune and then give you a set of high-converting ads, copy for landing page, all the relevant, highly engaging questions and their answers, as well as the outcome pages. You get that in one zipped folder with numbered subfolders and step by step instructions on how to set things up.

In the Done-With-You Quiz Funnel, you pay a premium and we help you implement it together. We advise you in every step of the way, on what software to choose, how to set up ads, and how to map the questions to answers. We also provide you some general direction of your email marketing sequences.

IN the Done-For-You Quiz Funnel, we do everything for you – we set up everything, and we manage your ads.

What exactly am I getting with the DIY Quiz Funnel?

Here is exactly what you will be getting:

👉 We will extensively research the market for you to nail down your ideal audience

👉 2 highly converting Facebook ads which include images, copy, CTA and audiences

👉 Copy for your quiz landing page

👉 10 highly engaging questions and their answers

👉 3 outcome pages

Total Value: $500

Today: Just $147

Do-It-Yourself Quiz Funnel

Use the custom content we will create for you, and launch your quiz in just 24 hours. Build your list, cash flow and add interest for your offers – all with a quiz funnel.

DIY, Copy-Paste Quiz Funnel
One Time
2 x Facebook Ad Assets (2x images, 2 copy (text) variations, 2 different CTAs, up to 8 audience recommendations (just download, copy & paste)
Copy (text) for your quiz landing page
Well-Researched, Engaging Quiz Q&A For Your Market - Includes 2 Revisions
2 Outcome Page Copy (Text)

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