Ecommerce Copywriting

Increase your sales by transforming your product pages into selling powerhouses, with persuasive benefit-rich webcopy.

If your product pages do not convert, chances are it's not your ads - it's what you write in the product description.

Getting the right content on your website ‘s product pages is vital – It needs to be relevant to your ads, attract your audience, articulate your brand value, build trust with visitors, and get them to buy. Our process helps you:

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Ecommerce Copywriting Is All About Storytelling

Getting traffic to your website is worthless unless it converts, and that’s where Centis Ecommerce Copywriting service comes in.

Content for your website is crafted specifically to draw in the reader, clearly describing your products in an engaging way, and drive them towards your desired action.

How You Get Conversion-Focused Ecommerce Copywriting That Builds Your Business

It all starts with Research

Writing great content is only half the equation. No matter the calibre of writing, the search engines won’t be able to find your product, if your on-page SEO is lacking.

That’s why only create web copy (content) for your web pages by researching your competitions first, and then optimising for all the meta-data you need, including the SEO title, meta description, headers and more!

With this process we guarantee you will have the maximum ranking potential!

Content Written By Professional Writers Only

Unlike most content creation services, we only hire the top 1% of the copywriters and we work with them long term. This literally means that we have the biggest pool of writers in the world!

It also means that upon receiving your order, we’ll automatically match your requirements with the most qualified writer in our system.

Each writer goes through our specific training for writing conversion-focused content for ecommerce with proven models that have driven millions of dollars of sales.

Rest assured, your content needs are in expert hands.

Solutions For Every Content Need:

Home Page Copy
Make your first impression great. Your homepage should introduce your brand and tell visitors what you’re about. This is also a great place to start guiding them to the right section of your site.

About Pages Copy
We’ll write your about page to give the potential buyer confidence that you can meet their needs. This is an excellent chance to showcase your brand and prove your worth.

Local Service Page Copy
If you have a physical store (i.e. you have a pharmacy or a computer store) you need a page on your site for every location you want to serve, even if you don’t have a physical location there. We’ll help you craft these localised pages to attract your target customer, explain the features and benefits of your products, and drive them towards a sale.

Product Description Copy
You need one or more pages on your site for the products you offer. We’ll help you craft individual product descriptions to attract your target customer, explain the features and benefits of your product, and drive them towards a sale.

How It Works:

evaluate existing channels

Order & Onboarding

Select your quantity of pages and the word count and place your order. Next, you'll give us a few details about what kind of content you'd like us to create.

Expert Writing

Our expert writing team will craft your high-quality, original content just for you. We'll write compelling copy that is conversion-focused and optimize it for SEO.
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Work Approval

Review all the content we create. We offer unlimited revisions at no additional cost to make sure that it's perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Yes! Our process is journalistic in nature – We investigate high-quality sources for seed content and create product description based on facts, figures, and actionable advice. 

Yes, 100% – The content we write for your ecommerce store is crafted to bring you more traffic!  We will optimize every piece of content with an SEO title, description, short URL, focus keywords and more.

Great! Put those requirements in your order form. Our team will review this information and use it to create validated topics for your niche.

Absolutely! We create SEO optimised content for your website, and we have the most experience with ecommerce stores. You are free to use this content however you choose (even edit how you wish).


Yes, and you pay per word.

You can expect to see a completed piece of content  2-3 weeks from when you placed your order.

Yes! We research and validate content that is SEO optimised, conversion focused and designed to attract and close your prospects. Then we send it to you for approval. We want to make sure we hit the nail on the head every step of the way!

We will auto-approve all content that have been sitting in your dashboard after 10 days. You will receive two emails prior to being auto-approved.

No problem! If you do not like the content we created, you can reject it. You can reject the content to request a keyword change, edits to the title and description or request a new web copy for this specific page. However please note that once a topic is approved and a writer gets started, the topic can’t be changed.

No problem! If there are certain edits that need to be made to make this copy better for you, let us know. You can also attach a document with your suggested revisions or edit requests.


Have Questions About Our Ecommerce Copywriting Process?