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Re-Build Your Ecommerce Brand

We re-design your website with conversion optimisation in mind, so as to move your cold prospects into hot buyers!

Selling online can open up huge new markets for many businesses. When your store can be open 24⁄7 and you can reach a global market virtually without costs, it can be a huge boom to your business.

However, there are plenty of things to consider when designing an eCommerce site that sells supplements.

One of the things to consider is which platform, then the necessary plugins, connections to payment gateways and more.

For the past 2 years, we’ve helped more than 20 supplements businesses launch and scale an e-commerce store –  capturing tens of millions of euros in the process. 

Now is your chance to get a full-conversion optimised website and: 

Your Supplements Ecommerce Experts

We’ve designed more than 20 supplements stores, since 2017 including CBD, general supplements and specialised vitamins. Our process is based on a proven, battle-tested framework that helps any nutraceuticals brand get off the ground with the proper design.

Scalable strategy

How Centis Designs Supplement Ecommerce Stores

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Setting Strategy

There is no way you can reach a destination unless you have a plan. Even the simplest ecommerce platforms have details that need to be just right for you and your business.

It’s important to anticipate your greatest needs and challenges as your business grows. Things to consider are:

  • Domain name & platform
  • Product names to comply with Google and Facebook policies
  • Shipping considerations and packaging
  • Customer support
  • Conversion optimised design
  • Email marketing backed

Pricing Structures

There are three key aspects of payments as you build a supplements e-commerce website: How you will price your products, how customers are going to pay you, and how you are going to get those payments into your own bank account.

There are many factors to consider when pricing your products for sale online including:

  • The cost of materials per item
  • Ecommerce web hosting
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Fees and percentage per sale deductions from various organizations, including PayPal, credit cards, etc.
Pricing structures

Design Brief & First Draft

From adding products to About us page, there are many things that go under consideration in designing a supplements e-commerce store: 

  • Excellent product photography
  • Branding everywhere
  • Trustmarks and payment logos to help people feel comfortable shopping with you.
  • Expert copywriting that weaves stories within your product listings
  • and much more

Design A Checkout Experience

It is estimated that more than 70% of your customers abandon your website after they add a product into your cart. 

Designing a great checkout experience minisies this risk, and with the help of automated email marketing and push notifications we can get at least 1% back.

To avoid cart abandonment we help you with:

  • Enabling customers to purchase multiple items at once
  • Offering free shipping
  • Alternatively, being very clear about shipping costs upfront (before customers get to the checkout)
  • Making sure that the checkout is optimised for mobile devices.
  • Sending cart abandonment emails anytime someone leaves without completing their purchase
checkout experience

Build Your Highly-Converting, Ecommerce Supplement Store