We only work with nutraceuticals, supplements, & vitamins. This means manufacturers, encapsulators, brand holders, ingredients and of course online and offline retailers.

Our three specialisations are email marketing, content marketing, and paid acquisition (the three marketing principles which will generate the most money). That doesn’t mean we let the others lack – we also have a strong presence on social media, we love conversion optimisation and ecommerce redesign!

We officially incorpoorated in London, UK in 2017, but we were consultants for ten years.

We are a completely remote agency, and therefor having people working for us around the world means we only can employ contractors. However, our contractors work with us since 2017, and are ful ltime based.

We are completely transparent, open and willing to adapt. We want to not only promote our people’s well being but also our clients. Working for us means being completely autonomous, keeping you motivated with the right attitude, and most importantly, working as a team. Our people are happy working for us, and they told us that they would think three times before movin gto another agency. 

At the moment of this writing, our team is made of 22 people, spanning across all continents. We have:

  • 5 content writers
  • 4 developers (2 Wordpres, 2 Shopify)
  • 4 Media buyers
  • 3 Client care specialists
  • 2 Web designers
  • 4 Social media managers

Project Management

We work with very selected companies. Initially you wil lwork directly with our Co-Founder, Sal Georgiou who will assign you your team and will be leading the initial phase. Then you will be assigned a project leader.

We invest in online platforms and software (SaaS) to conduct research, buy media, analyse data, report on results, manage projects, and more. These tools provide a direct benefit to you. Overall we use more than 75 tools ranging form simple reporting to ads creation, management, videos and AI.

We assign a project manager who is available to you daily via email or chat. Should you need to speak to them, you need to book an appointment via the calendar, as he may be in between meetings.

The beauty of digital is that everything can be tracked, measured, and analysed. We provide you with an online system where you can track your reports daily, where KPIs are measured, and we also discuss your metrics and reporting on a weekly or monthly basis.

During the first phase (months 1-2) – very.

Hiring us (and any agency) requires a bit of account management on your part as well.

If you are too busy to be approving designs and collaborating on projects when needed,then you either need to assign someone else, of forget about working with us completely. 

After the initial phase, we won’t be requiring you to be available, apart of any special promotions, ideas or pricing offers we may come up with – plus the we reporting meetings.

Marketing, Goals

No we do NOT do everything. We only specialise in nutraceuticals, and certain core functions, like email, social, content, paid ads and conversions. 

Yes we do, SINCE 2014. We started as a consultancy, and we now – we believe – we are the only specialsied marketing agency for nutraceuticals and vitamins in the entire world.

Ever since we officially started (consulting in 214 and incorporating since 2017) no client left us. Unfortunately we cannot bublicise our work because all clients sign a 5-year NDA.

Success is measured by defining your goals, during our strategy session. We set KPIs and then we monitor them weekly adjusting our course accordingly.

We work with 12 month contracts, as any typical marketing effort is a long process and doesn’t produce results in just a couple of months. 

Marketing is a long, hard road and success, however it’s defined, shows up after you’ve resisted the urge to take the easy off-ramps along the way.

It can take months, even years, to amplify what’s working and cut the dead weight. 

Marketing is a long term investment. Think liek the stock market where you buy to hold for years.

Similar to the process of building trust towards strangers or new co-workers, marketing requires an enormous amount of trust from your audience. It’s the backbone of any solid marketing strategy and takes time to accomplish.

Results may start from a few weeks after, if ou do paid ads, or 3-6 months later if you do articles, blogging and social media.

So if a potential digital marketing agency trumpets their ability to bring you results in a month’s time, you now know better than to take the bait.

This is basically a bit of a trick question to answer and it solely depends if you are B2B or B2C, as well as if you have something of value to your ideal audience, right away.

The short answer is – we would start with paid acquistion and then top up with authority content and social media amplification.


Well, lets put it this way. We do not tend to think that we are your agency, but your strategic partner. With our experience in consulting and working with multiple of business across the globe, our ability to think through and tackle your business conundrums beyond generating leads and converting customers, is our objective.

Every deliverable relates back to your company’s goals. Every action item underscores your vision.

So, the short answer is – we DO NOT WORK with you unless we define your goals.

No agency is in position to guarantee results. If they do, run!

What we CAN guarantee, is that we will work with you, to make sure that you get the results you want, at the lowest cost possible,earning you more money that you invested.

Contract & Proposal

We only work with 12 month contracts – here is why:

As an agency – and any agency – should be able to understand your business and jumpstart your marketing campaigns, but it can take time to see substantial results – you can’t just pay €5,000 and then stop after the first month if you’re not seeing a return. 

If you need some results on the first few weeks, consider dedicating some budget to running paid advertisements.



This depends on what you have agreed. It can have anything, and it is pretty much defined. You may see some additional, added value services that we do not expect yo uto pay for – as a means to surprise you – but you won’t be getting less that you paid for.

Our process is pretty straightforward. We need a 30 day notice, AT ALL TIMES to cancel any contract. All you have to do is discuss in person or via email your issue and we wil lstart the hand off process.

Within these 30 days, we wil lprepare Process documents, assets and more to hand over to you. At the end of the 30 day process, we will send them over, and we will remove ourselves from your accounts (Facebook, Linkedin, GoogleAds, etc) providing yo ua screenshot for doing so for proof.

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