Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

General, Pricing

We are against any set up fees, so there is none. The prices you see are the prices you will pay.

Whilst we started with supplements and nutraceuticals, now we serve any business that wants to have a professionally-built website and a marketing team for a low price point.

We are in business since 2017, and our registered address is in London, UK

We are completely transparent, open and willing to adapt. We want to not only promote our people’s well being but also our clients. Working for us means being completely autonomous, keeping employees motivated with the right attitude, and most importantly, working as a team. Our people are happy working for us, and they told us that they would think three times before moving to another agency. 

At the time of this writing, our team is made of 32 people:

  • 9 content writers
  • 5 developers (3 WordPress, 2 Shopify)
  • 6 Media buyers
  • 6 Client Care specialists
  • 5 Social media managers
  • 1 Photographe2

The base monthly fee covers both your access to support as well as your site hosting fees, plugin upgrades and more.  Automatic WordPress updates are performed at the network level and tested to ensure your site is firing on all cylinders.  In addition, your site is backed up daily, to ensure you never have to worry. 


You own all of the unique content on the website.

Centis tech stack is non-transferable and 3rd party plugins would have to be re-licensed in the event that you wanted to move your website to it’s own WordPress installation.

If you wish to migrate your website to your own web host and discontinue your Centis service,  the process is as follows

  1. We will create a WordPress export file which would include all of your posts, pages and menu structure. Please note that the design is owned by Centis and it is not transferrable.
  2. You will need to hire a designer to recreate your Centis website design, and purchase all required 3rd party software. Centis websites are created on our own theme framework that is not transferable outside our network.

The cost of doing an external site transfer is determined on a per site basis. Our hourly rate to package up your site is €85/hr and in most cases should only take 3-4 hrs to complete for a basic website.

If you pay month to month and you want to cancel, simply enter your dashboard and cancel your subscription – or send us an email at

If your billing date does not exceed three days, we will refund your monthly fee. Please make sure you cancel before that.


Project Management

A project manager will be assigned on your account.

We invest in online platforms and software (SaaS) to conduct research, buy media, analyse data, report on results, manage projects, and more. These tools provide a direct benefit to you. Overall we use more than 75 tools ranging from simple reporting to ads creation, management, videos and AI.

Your project manager will be available to you daily via email or chat or phone.

Should you need to speak to them, you need to book an appointment via the calendar, as he may be in between meetings.

The beauty of digital is that everything can be tracked, measured, and analysed. We provide you with an online system where you can track your reports daily, where KPIs are measured, and we also discuss your metrics and reporting on a weekly or monthly basis.

During the first phase – very. Hiring us (and any agency) requires a bit of account management on your part as well.

If you are too busy to be approving designs and collaborating on projects when needed, then you either need to assign someone else, of forget about working with us.

After the initial phase, we won’t be requiring you to be available, apart of any special promotions, ideas or pricing offers we may come up with – plus the reporting meetings.


Yes we do, SINCE 2010. We started as a consultancy, and now we are completely focused on digital marketing including ecommerce businesses.

Success is measured by defining your goals, during our strategy session. We set KPIs and then we monitor them weekly adjusting our course accordingly.

Marketing is a long term investment. Think like the stock market where you buy to hold for years.

Similar to the process of building trust towards strangers or new co-workers, marketing requires an enormous amount of trust from your audience. It’s the backbone of any solid marketing strategy and takes time to accomplish.

Results may start from a few weeks after, if you do paid ads, or 3-6 months later if you do articles, blogging and social media.

So if a potential digital marketing agency trumpets their ability to bring you results in a month’s time, you now know better than to take the bait.

No agency is in position to guarantee results. If they do, run!

What we CAN guarantee, is that we will work with you, to make sure that you get the results you want, at the lowest cost possible, earning you more money that you invested.


All of our websites include basic SEO setup which will help your domain to rank over time. This initial setup includes things like:

  • All of our websites are secure (HTTPS) and mobile responsive—two of the key factors Google looks for.

  • Optimising image files and using a content delivery network (CDN)—these things help your website to load faster, another thing which Google looks at.

  • Generating and hosting a sitemap, which helps Google understand the structure of your website.

  • Correct structure of metadata, so that shows up in the right way online (Google search results, social media shares, etc.)

  • In addition to that setup, our website platform enables you to edit titles and meta descriptions on a page-by-page basis if you choose to do so.

Of course, these things all reflect what is currently important to Google (and other search engines). That can change over time, so we monitor the latest best practices and use them to develop our platform and service.

Your website dashboard features detailed analytics. Simply log in to your account and go to Dashboard.

Centis runs four types of ads: 

Top of The funnel ads:

These include:

Brand Awareness ads & Traffic to specific landing pages to your website

Middle of the Funnel Ads:

Lead Generation ads to generate leads. Leads are uploaded automatically to your embedded CRM.

Messaging ads that appear in the inboxes of your potential customers

Video ads for video views

And of course, Bottom of the Funnel ads

These include Sales & Conversion ads

Catalogue sales from your shop (if you have any)


Your ad budget is the main driver for performance. The more budget you have, the better results you’ll produce.Start backwards, when you consider your budget. For example, how much website traffic are you looking for or how many leads you want to generate?

Budget based on website traffic

If you spend €5 on Facebook, on average, you can expect around 670 impressions on the ad and 93 clicks through to your website.

If you would like 1,000 website visits a month then you’re looking at €50 per month.

Budget based on leads generated

Leads per month X Cost Per Lead

Centis’s average cost per lead ranges from €0.20-€50!.

If you would like 5 leads a month, with no further content/quiz/ or else in between assuming the cost per lead is €15, your ad budget needs to be €75 per month.

Change Your Budget At Any Time

Did you know that you could change your ad budget with us at any time? Simply email us at, and we’ll make it happen! The changes will appear on your next invoice, and they will start the following month.

No agency can do that. When you start with Facebook ads, you simply allow us access to your advertising account, and we do the rest. YOU define your budget, and we execute the campaigns, startegy, optimisation, assets and more.

Contract & Proposal

Please take a look at our pricing page. 

If you require our full stack solution, this solely depends on what we agree – no size fits all!

Our process is pretty straightforward. We need a 30 day notice, AT ALL TIMES to cancel any contract. All you have to do is discuss in person or via email your issue and we will start the hand off process.

Within these 30 days, we will prepare process documents (only for ful lStack Marketing Package), site structure, and posts to hand over to you. At the end of the 30 day process, we will send them over, and we will remove ourselves from your accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, etc) providing you a screenshot for doing so for proof.