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Not a while ago, the owner of a nutraceuticals manufacturing plant in the Netherlands asked me how could they attract highly qualified leads to their website.
“Here is a more interesting question for you” I replied.
“Who is your ideal, qualified lead?” I asked.
To which I received a-one minute of deafening silence.
To most business and old-school marketing people who lack an understanding of how the digital ecosystem works, these questions are constantly in their heads:
  • How would I figure out who MY ideal client is?
  • How would I actually attract them to my business?
  • How then turn my ideal client into a potential lead?
  • And then how do I convert them into an actual client, keep them, nurture them, upgrade them?
As you probably understand, the client acquisition process has so many aspects to it, that for a nutraceuticals brand becomes even more difficult. Its relative simple to sell shoes, or mugs, or t-shirts – but selling supplements, this is an entirely different level due to the complexity of the product and the regulations around it.
Here is a complete guide to getting clients, which are the primary source of turning your business into a huge success. 

Who is Your Ideal Client? 

First thing first, you need to know who your ideal client really is.  
When I start with this question, people phase off and lose interest.
“But I want to get qualified customers, now! I do not want to waste time on filling out checksheets and lists and wasting brainpower to just make a persona!”

Well, if you don’t like it don’t do it. BUT… 

Do YOU have people coming to your site who shouldn’t be there?

If you do, your bounce rate could be quite high. Your engagement and task completion could be quite low. And your conversion rate could be suffering.

Do Your Visitors a Favor! Tell Them If Your Business Is Right For Them, Right From The Start.

There must be an ideal client for every nutraceuticals business, whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer. Most times you would have more than one type of ideal client. 
Recognizing your ideal clients and their linked interests can lead to the perfection of your lead generation strategy. The right foundation is a start to the right demonstration of your strategy. Follow up are the many practices, which are considered as the right lead generation strategy.

Lead Generation Strategy: The Right Way To Do It

Now, for many of you, especially if you have a small nutraceuticals business, lead generation is a weighing task.
It involves a lot of effort. True.
There are a good way and a bad way of doing things.  This article will guide you into the best lead generation practices, from acknowledging your client’s current position, connect with them on this very position, and further lead them into trusting in your firm. 

Acknowledging Your Client’s Current Position

So, a guy walks into a bar. Sees a beautiful blond girl, with curly hair and lips like butter, tight dress, long legs, high heels sipping a Pina Collada. 
The guy walks towards the girl and says:
“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I think you will be an ideal wife and a fantastic mother. Would you marry me? Please?”
The girl says no.
Same with a prospect. You don’t walk into a prospect and ask them to buy your products.
No. You need to connect with your client from where he/she is right now. That means you build up a relationship between you and your client gradually, and not instantly.
You first create a connection. You add value. You offer to help. 
The whole process is very much like a casual meet-up between two potential partners. In the very case, one has to ascend on the levels of the relationship step by step. The company-client relationship is exactly like that. That is a full-fledge journey, that you’ll have to cover before leading your client into willingly support and promote your business. 
The first stage is to make your clients learn and explore your business. Through this step, the client will engage with your business. After the engagement, the third step is to go one step ahead by making your clients give more information to your firm, for instance, a phone number, so you can connect via sending promotional offers to their numbers. 
This step involves the client’s building relationship with the company. The later stages include the awareness, subscription, conversion and promotion. So, the whole process of getting a client to visit your website to avail your most expensive offer is a series of plans. The ultimate stage is where a client will be willing to promote your business after building a trust relationship with your business. 

Cater To Your Client’s Problems Step by Step

You need to convince your client into further indulging in your business by successfully managing their currently residing problems, and then send them a chart sheet demonstrating their outcome before and after aligning with you. Don’t ever disclose your future aspirations to them, because in the beginning they never know what your company is actually able to achieve, and what benefits they can derive. 
The client will always have his/her own apprehensions in the start. Cater to those apprehensions step by step, by gently unwinding the locks of Hemlock. Focus on their current issues, and come up with plans to sort them out. This way you’ll convince them into thinking that you have a better knowledge of their problems, and you really care. This way, they can start giving serious thought to working with you one step ahead. 

Make Your Work Speak For Yourself

Simply orating your past accomplishments your clients will not do the job!  You need to make them acknowledge that you can successfully recreate the perfection of your work again and again. Your dedication should be explicit in your professional attitude, your lead generation copy and content, and the transformations that you’ve made to the previous client’s state you’ve worked with. 
Your lead generation content should have past customer reviews, as much as required. The work will speak for the aptitude of your business itself. Merely talking about how great your business is will never get you anywhere, and probably it is one of the reasons for low conversion rates. 
We have discussed so far the best way of lead generation strategy, but the question remains, how to turn your ideal client into a lead, and then into paying customer eventually? This a whole different process too. We have discussed the whole process in the following segment.

Client Acquisition Process

A simple statement, yet a complex task. You’ve found your perfect customer avatar. What’s would you actually manage to turn them into your lead? To acquire traffic in the digital world is not so complicated, as the traffic sources have greatly multiplied. For instance, now we have email marketing, social media platform, blogging, SEOs, or simply through paying for ads on Google and various platforms. 
Which traffic source should you utilize entirely depends on your customer avatar. For instance, if your potential client base spends more time on Facebook, then Facebook ads will do. If it spends more time on YouTube, then YouTube videos will do the job. We always know the best place to find our ideal customer, and through using these platforms, we can get them to notice us. 

Use Lead Magnets to Enhance Your Lead Base

There are many methods through which you can easily filter out the perfect clients, and turn them into your leads. For instance, you can take help of e-books, video training, report and guides, quiz or surveys etc. These tools help in acquiring the email addresses of the interested customers.
Once their emails are acquired, the contact between you and your ideal clients becomes a whole lot easier. Which can provide you with opportunities to create a bonding with this ideal client base and turn them into your leads. After this strategy, you’ll probably enhance your lead base multifold. 

Turning the Leads Into Paying Customers

Once you have acquired the details of your leads, you’ll convert them into paying customers by getting in contact with them. This might seem simple, but it is the real strategic job here. You will either email them or call them. The whole emailing process must have a proper manner. In which you’ll:
  • Create a catchy subject line
  • A value-oriented introduction to your company
  • Your successful transformations of the previous client states
  • The benefits that your lead can derive out of your products
  • Providing your lead with clicks on further steps to take
  • A good P.s statement
Once the email connection works perfectly, the further call follow-up requires a specific attitude on your part to maintain the trust and interest level of the lead. There are certain rules which can be applied to the conversations over a call:
  • Treat your client as a person
  • Make your gratitude explicit
  • Focus on your pitch

Make your client feel that he’s the captain of the ship

All in all, lead generation strategy is a full-fledged job which comes with perfectly planned strategies, and properly laid out steps. Every step should be managed by catering to every detail on the way.

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