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How to Generate The Highest Quality Real Estate Leads With Just A Quiz Funnel

If you are a real estate agent, you probably know how long the sales cycle is. Future homeowners – your prospects – may need several viewings, and negotiate various terms and such which will take time. In my opinion, the hardest part of the business is how to create real estate leads on demand – leads that do not waste your time, have money and are serious buyers. This is what everyone wants, right?

This is where being a smart estate agent that rises above the rest comes in. Utilising smart tools that very few of your competitors know and use (and do not cost a fortune) that offer real estate agents many opportunities for finding customers. This is what this guide is all about.

If you are a real estate agent reading this article looking for quality leads, you must unlearn what you already know – and that is about approaching people cold, posting in Facebook groups or on your profile on Linkedin. This guide shows you a unique counterintuitive method f generating leads with just two tools:

  • Your email
  • A quiz funnel

And that’s it.

Why your email and a quiz funnel?

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any form of online advertising. Email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent. Emails have a greater reach than most social networks. By 2017, there were 3.7 billion email addresses worldwide and this is expected to grow to 1 billion per year.

There’s no question that email is the most powerful form of communication today. It allows you to talk directly to your customers without competition from hundreds of distractions.

However, as your customers are unique, so must your email marketing. If you want to retain someone’s interest in their inbox, your marketing strategy must be personalized. You have got to find out who you’re writing to and what they want.

But how do you know what your prospects want and need? How do you get that crossing a line, and burning leads?

The answer is simple: using a quiz funnel.

Our experience so far shows that around 90% of users will take part in a quiz if they see it on Facebook or Instagram. Numbers do not lie. People love quizzes for a number of reasons – either they are entertaining and want some fun and pass their time, or want to learn more about themselves. When you use quizzes to generate leads for your real estate agency, you help your prospects (as well as yourself) to really understand their specific needs, their budgets and find out what they want from the collection of homes you sell.

For the sake of the experiment, let’s create a quiz that will help you understand how to get leads that are qualified, added to a database and such.

But First, What Is A Quiz Funnel?

In its simplest explanation, a quiz funnel is one of the many marketing funnels that finds, qualifies and segments visitors based on the answers they provided. At the end of the quiz, the visitor sees one or more recommendations, again based on how they responded.

A quiz funnel is the ultimate lead generation tool, not because it has the lowest cost per lead (we consistently see leads at $0.10-$0.50) but also because the information you gather for each lead is unparallel – no other method can provide this.

To understand how the quiz funnel works:

  • You have a compelling ad on Facebook/Instagram/Google – anywhere with a link to a landing page which starts the quiz.
  • Then when a user clicks on the ad, they land on the starting page and take the quiz
  • You either ask for their name and email at the start or at the end and a few questions in between.
  • Then, when they finish the questions they see the outcome.

Let me show you how to generate real estate leads using a quiz funnel!

First things first – the quiz needs to be able to represent your goals and the customers you want to attract. We have written a whole article about marketing personas if you want to read it.

For the purposes of this sample quiz, we will divide our customers into three segments:

Segment 1: Big home buyers. These people have the budget and are looking to spend their money on houses or apartments without compromising on space. They are looking for big, spacious places to show off their money, have a sense of accomplishment or whatever else drives them.

Segment 2: Medium home buyers. These people like value for money, and whilst they would love the extra space, they can not afford it right now. They prefer a medium size home, a good neighbourhood, preferably easy access to local markets, schools and hospitals.

Segment 3: Renters. Renters are usually less concerned about the size of their living space than buyers. They’re typically willing to rent for longer periods of time if they get a good deal. And they tend to focus more on price when making decisions than buyers.

As you probably understand right now, your quiz will have different criteria than ours. As mentioned above, the type of quiz you make will need to be adjusted to your personal and agency goals, as well as the type of customers you want to attract.

Let’s now walk you through how to actually structure the lead-generating quiz for your real estate agency!

1. The Landing Page

The landing page, or the starting page of the quiz, is where visitors who clicked on the ad or your posts or your emails will land to. You have less than ONE second to make an impression, so the question you will be asking as your headline and your photo MUST appeal to the majority of people.

PRO TIP: When we see that, at the beginning of launching a quiz that the bounce rates are off the charts, then this means that the landing page needs to be redesigned – completely.

Here is an example of a quiz landing page we designed, for this sample quiz:

Your landing page must represent the OPTIMAL clients you want to attract.

2. The Qualifying Questions

The first thing to do, in our opinion, is try to gather a little info about your audience at the beginning and then at the end. The reason is that your prospects may be eager to start the quiz, so they will be compelled to answer the first questions about them, and they as the quiz reached the end, they will be eager to see what the quiz spit out as an outcome, based on what they answered.

Please note that the objective of the quiz is to get as many people as possible in, complete it, and then follow up based on what info they left. As such, your questions must be at least 5 and no more than 10! After that, people get annoyed and close the quiz.

So the first question would be a bit about them. You could ask their name, to further personalise the quiz down the road, and also ask what they prefer – to buy or to rent.

Then you can branch out, per segment. Please note that each branch shouldn’t have more than 10 questions, this is really important.

So if someone selected to buy a property, you could ask whether they want a semi-detached, detached or apartment. Depending on their answer, you branch out, for example, if they said a detached, you could ask how big plot of land they want, or if they selected the apartment, you ask how many rooms and what view etc. These questions imply what kind of house they’re planning on buying or renting. Some people prefer living in the country; others enjoy city life. Regardless, the answers will help you decide how you can follow up later.

One of the most important questions to ask, which will instantly disqualify a lead and you won’t waste time following up to set with what kind of buyers you want to work with. Setting a minimum price that you require buyers to purchase homes, means you only have this range of prices in your portfolio. This will tell you how much money your customers are willing to spend.

3. Keep Them Eager To Get Their Results

Before you move on to results, it is time to learn a bit more. As mentioned earlier, you have the option to start the quiz with their name and email and then at the end, ask them about their current situation, such as “where are you now based?” or “why are you looking to buy now” as an open-ended question.

People that fill out this information are hot leads because they spent time thinking and writing their answers – which you can read later before you follow up.

4. At Last, The Outcome Pages

Finally, the moment your customers were waiting for.

You have two options here:

  1. Simply have an outcome page with their ideal outcome and a link to your portfolio page with relevant properties (this means you will have to create a portfolio page based on this category)
  2. Or, direct them immediately to this portfolio.

Where To Advertise Your Real Estate Quiz

A quiz won’t do anything by itself sitting on your website. You need an active way of promoting so you can get the leads you want.

You can use links for sharing either with your followers or promoting them as ads.

It’s easy to share your quiz on Facebook, invite people to take it, or even create an ad for your quiz. Here are some suggestions:

– Obviously, on your website

You can place it within the main website in a frame, OR create a subdomain like and then place a link on your main menu for people to find it easily.

– Via a Pop-up window

One of the best ways to show up your quiz, is via a popup window, programmed to show when people exit, stay on the page for more than normal or simply while consuming a percentage of your content (i.e. if they scroll more than 20% of a listing, show them a popup).

For example, let’s say that a visitor lands on a listing where you show a nice apartment available for rent. He scrolls through the details and reaches a section where there is information about the area. At this precise moment, you can trigger a popup with a quiz, asking him/her to take it with a potential title “Interesting in Renting? Find out how you can get the most for your money” and then he is redirected to take the quiz.

– On Facebook

This is the method we recommend, as still Facebook has the lowest cost per lead we have ever seem (around $0.10 – $0.50 per lead!)

All you have to do is create an ad, write some persuasive copy of why should someone take your quiz and add the link to the quiz landing page. Then wait and see the leads coming in, like a faucet.

Another option is to simply post it on your personal Facebook page or your agency’s page – the result depends on how many friends and followers you currently have.

Finally, you could post on Facebook groups, but this is an approach we do not recommend, as you will need to pay attention to the group rules, and also the group has a limited pool of people most of the would-be unqualified (even it has 100K people).

– On Instagram

This is a must-have, particularly as Instagram is a photo-oriented medium. You can post several times per week, with a screenshot of the quiz or photos of various houses with the title “What is your ideal home? Take the quiz and find out” and see the leads roll in.

Instagram allows also advertising via their mobile phone app – you can follow the same procedure as with Facebook above.

– On YouTube

These days you can create a video by just adding a few images on a Powerpoint and then creating a slideshow! Simply export this on YouTube, add the link to the quiz and maybe run some ads on it as well.

– On Pinterest

The image-sharing app is ideal for your quiz! Follow the same procedure with Instagram, however, please note unless you do some aggressive marketing on this platform alone (aka ads) you won’t see many results.

– On Twitter

If you have a Twitter account to share your updates, simply post a screenshot from the quiz, the link and you are off to the races!


Quizzes and email marketing are a killer combination – this is how to generate real estate leads without doing anything. As your lead flow from your quiz to your email database, they will be automatically segmented using tags and each segment will fire a different email flow. This means, tailored, personalized, powerful marketing messages.

If you found this guide useful and would like to give quizzes a shot for real estate lead genra­tion, then let us know by clicking below.


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