How To Get Hundreds Of Subscribers To Your Blog & Newsletter In As Little As Hours -

How To Get Hundreds Of Subscribers To Your Blog & Newsletter In As Little As Hours

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Back when Centis was addressing the nutraceuticals market we had no interest in having an email list because, whilst we got plenty of followers on LinkedIn, people emailing us every day and our blog had a great readership, no one was actually subscribing to the newsletter. We later realised that the nutraceuticals industry is just this way – people in that circle were the least interested in marketing tactics and it was all about science, manufacturing and applauding each other.

So essentially, in my 12-Month Growth Strategy Plan post and the post on how to get traffic to your blog: a step by step plan I explain a our complete plan for total domination ūüôā Here is what I have left out (unintentionally of course):

Growing our email list and blog subscribers.

At the moment we have (some) content but not readers. I mean literally, we get 170 users from all over the world (see screenshot below from Google Analytics):

Here are the exact steps we plan to take to bring in more blog readers, increase our email list and blog subscribers

First things first, some internal analysis.

We just exited the nutraceuticals industry on December 31st 2021. We decided to niche down by product, not by industry, so that means we only sell three things to many and not 100 things (as we did before) to just a few.

I hope you can understand this concept, yes?

(Assuming you understood) Cool.

So I mentioned hundreds of times in my two other blog posts we have no audience (yet). Nothing. Ziltch. Nada.

Having said that, we also have no authority, no acquaintances and no powerful friends to help us.

Do you resonate?


So, my first priority here is to grow meaningful relationships with people that have an audience, can act as mentors, and my blog posts can add value to their readers.

I do hope you understood the term “meaningful relationships”. So at this moment I do not want to promote the blog to these people, but only to build relationships. If they want ,they can do it later.

Having said that let’s see how to do just that:

Step 1: Find and create a list of (European) Influencers

No, no Instagrammers that do the duck face or advertise clothes – I mean serious business people who are influential in the startup, business, finance and other markets.

Hence, relaunching my personal Twitter account.

So since yesterday, I started gathering a list of people who started companies in Europe, advise startups and somehow made it on their own (without their parent’s money, that is)

To make sure my targeting is not off, I set a few parameters:

  1. These people are based in Europe
  2. They started a business either several years ago or a few years back and they succeded
  3. They managed to attract a big following either on Twitter, their blog or (lastly) their Instagram accounts – and they do not do the duck face!)
  4. They are communicating their thoughts online – they advise others or they have some thought leadership.
  5. All the above should and must get some or more than seom value out of what I write, which will be either beneficial to them personbally or to their audience.

Your takeaways: if you are still thinking about simply finding influencers and promoting your crappy content without any value to them, stop right here. Your objective is to hang out with the influencers in your space and help them reach their goals.

Step 2: Start Engaging With them

The objective with Centis blog is to provide tremendous value to people who wan tto start and grow a business. At the same time, I want them to share the blog with other people, who will also gain knowledge. Get some feedback by commenting – so that I will know that I am doing the right thing.

So, my objective is to find these influencers, create a list and then dive deep into their content and make meaning full comments. Engage with them. Do you remember my last post where I comment every day on Facebook groups? I do not post any links – anyone who is interested can find what I do from my profile. Same here. All I want to do is engage with these influencers, provide value and eventually, people will take notice.

At the same time promote their content into my miniscule list which it will grow day by day.

If you would like to know the plan of engagement it is the following:

  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Retweet them 5-10 times and Like their content
  • If they have a blog, share any article that reasonates to my Twitter account and make comments on their blog
  • After a month (yes, I know its quite long time, but you can’t really rush things) I will reach out to them via email

Step 3: Get Their Approval

So by March 2022, I will reach out to all these people and “pitch” them my idea of getting 10,000 clients by the end of 2022 – and how I plan on doing so.

My email pitch will not essential be a pitch but rather a request to a friend – after all I will be building a relationship with someone that we may cooperate in the future.

I will be asking for feedback on my blog posts and then for a retweet or a tweet to a link.

What will the future hold? Let’s see – I will share my experience soon!

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