How To Get New Customers With Google Ads For Nutraceuticals

Part of your nutraceuticals manufacturing business needs some sort of nutraceuticals marketing, one way or the other. If you are a nutraceuticals manufacturer, you are looking to connect and grow with new customers, all the time.

Each time we speak with a prospect we are surprised, even after the new way of doing things, how much they rely on the old ways of doing things. You rely too much on visiting exhibitions. You rely too much on placing ads to old-school nutrition journals which struggle to get afloat.

All these tactics give you no way of tracking performance.

How many deals did you close when you booked some space on an exhibition floor? Chances are – none. Yet there you are trying again.

How many deals did you close by getting a sales guy pounding phone calls all day to close deals? Chances are – very little.

This is because you and your old-school marketing/sales/ guy/team are too nervous about entering the digital space.

It is chaotic, we know.

But what if we told you about a tactic that is ideal for nutraceutical manufacturing units with limited budgets who want to get the biggest ROI?

If you are still with us, keep reading.

The Old Way Of Finding Customers

How is your business getting in touch with new customers? Do you still invest in direct mail, ads on magazines, or word of mouth and in-person events? If the answer is yes, we do not blame you. These were tried and tested methods that worked for decades.

Until now.

Yes, there’s still a place in your omnipresence marketing strategy to use traditional advertising techniques. But you are missing out on a big opportunity to laser target your audience and ensure you are only communicating with potential buyers who are interested in your nutraceuticals.

Traditional advertising worked because there was no internet at the time, and ad men were faced with two big challenges:

Huge costs and limited tracking capabilities.

If you agree up to now, what can you do?

The New Way Of Finding Customers

Did you know that you can advertise on a global scale that:

  • Costs up to 85% less than traditional advertising?
  • Puts your ads in front of a laser-targeted audience, NOW?
  • Only shows your ads to people that search for what you are selling?
  • And is easily scalable based on your budget or goals?

If you read all the above with disbelief, you can do it all by launching a campaign with Google Ads For Nutraceuticals.

Google Ads for Nutraceuticals are text-based ads that only display when your customers or prospects show interest in what you sell. This way you minimise wasted budgets, and you can pinpoint the exact search terms you are looking for your ads to show.

When starting with Google Ads for Nutraceuticals we recommend starting off with Google Search Ads. These are the easiest to set up, appear in search results, and are effective for businesses of all sizes.

You’ve probably seen these ads without even realising it. When you search for something on Google, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) will display both organic and paid results. The Google Search Ads will appear at the top of the page labelled as an “Ad.” See below for the search term “private label vitamins manufacturer”

Example of a search with google ads for nutraceuticals

By now, it should be clear to you that traditional advertising is not that effective. However, here are the top four reasons why you should consider Google Ads For Nutraceuticals over traditional advertising:

  1. You have complete control of the campaign. Its not that you purchased a full page ad on a industry magazine and you can’t stop it because it doesn’t work.
  2. You define how much you want to spend. Is yor campaign working? Scale it by adding more money.
  3. Google Ads allow you to focus on just the specific people that are actively searching for your supplement products
  4. The Google Ads Manager allows you to track everything and see exactly what is producing new customers for your nutraceuticals business

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, let’s go over how it works using some real-life examples.

How Google Ads Work for Your Nutraceutical Manufacturing Business

Let’s say that you are the owner of a small nutraceuticals manufacturing business. Chances are, you are facing increased competition from bigger manufacturers who saw their sales soaring since the pandemic hit. So you decide to hire someone and launch some ads.

Great! So you are having some traffic and you have targeted the buyers of retail supplement brands. They click your ad, land on a page and fill out a form.

But what happens to those who don’t?

This is where Google Ads Remarketing comes in.

By launching a Google Ads Remarketing Campaign you ensure that your content is being redelivered to people who visited your website either organically or using some form of paid media (i.e. Google ads). When they come back, this means that they’re already interested in what you have to offer and the want to check you out again. The job of convincing them to buy is therefore easier.

How do these work exactly? You bid on specific keywords or phrases that people are searching for online. Being effective at this requires a certain amount of research and testing.

The goal is for an online user to see your ad when they search for keywords like “private label vitamin D” ” calcium tablets producer” “Omega 3 capsules wholesale” or “custom supplements manufacturer with low MOQ”

example of a search with ads for private label omega 3 suppliers

However, the most important thing to remember that your customers may look for any given keyword at any given time. There infinite possibilities of keywords or phrases that you can bid on to make sure your ad is delivered to the right people. Most importantly, these people should be searching for your business RIGHT NOW! That way they intend to buy.

New people who have never heard of your brand before search online for your nutraceuticals business and see paid ads. With remarketing, you “catch” their visit and you remarket to them for the next 30 days if they haven’t made a decision.

It’s that simple to grow your nutraceuticals business!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here is a list of benefits that paid advertising can bring you:

  • You get more leads or conversions faster than any magazine ad or event
  • You can use the data to make important decisions and you track visitors from the entry point to the exit
  • You can start or stop advertising campaigns quickly and easily, with no problems or penalties
  • You have complete control of your keywords, budget, and ad copy

If you have found that you are faced with increased competition, new market entrants and aggressive marketers trying to dominate your space, then Google Ads are for you.

Results & Past Examples

We’ve discussed a lot about setting up Google Ads, but if you’re anything like us, you also want to see real results.

In this section, you’ll find some screenshots showing how a variety of real businesses collected more leads thanks to paid advertising. Each of these businesses also worked with us to set up their campaigns. (a Centis Division) helped to bring 100+ leads to a supplements manufacturer in Germany that started working with us in 2020.

Our digital marketing team works with nutraceutical brands to determine what type of conversion they are looking for. Whether it’s website visits, phone calls, form fills, registrations, or purchases, we can help get them all.

Take a look at how we helped a private label manufacturer in the UK get 752 new leads in just 90 days.

How we got 752 new leads to a private label manufacturer in the UK

And, finally, you can see how we drove over 1,400 leads to a supplements retailer in six months.

how we drove over 1,400 leads to a supplements retailer in six months.

The success we had in each of these campaigns all had to do with the paid advertising we helped set up for our clients. 

Would you like to see more? Schedule a Free Discovery call today with a no-obligation quote.


We covered a ton of information about paid advertising and, hopefully, you came out with an interest in using Google Ads for your nutraceuticals business. Or, if you currently use them, finding a way to improve upon them to keep growing your business.

These ads not only work for local businesses but nationally and internationally as well. The sky is the limit. 

PPC For Nutraceutical Manufacturers is our department responsible for helping clients to create and optimize paid advertising campaigns.  Besides setting up Google Ads, our team can also help build customized landing pages to increase conversions. Our client reporting system also provides a wealth of data and information.

Schedule a free Discovery Session call if you still have questions about paid advertising. We would love to discuss your business goals and how we can help you grow.

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