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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog: A Step By Step Plan (and how we are doing it)

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This post is part of the series Just My Two Cents where I explain our journey to get 10,000 clients to Centis by the end of 2022.

So February is officially here and our product is almost complete (just take a look below:)

This is what the client sees when he logs into his website.

We feel confident that we have:

  1. A service people need (website design AND Marketing at a low monthly fee)
  1. A price that you can afford (where else can you get a world-class website, lead forms, a CRM, analytics, AND a newsletter written just for you monthly for just €129/mo?)

We also finished all automation when someone subscribes to Just My Two Cents newsletter. Inside the newsletter, we discuss all strategies and tactics that we will use to bring 10,000 clients by the end of 2022.

So, here comes the fun part. How do you get traffic to your blog?

First the facts:

My LinkedIn profile is dominated by connections from the nutraceuticals industry. I have noticed that all these people have zero interest in what we do now (that’s a shame because we also have a high-converting survey funnel and an automated, done for you marketing solution for established businesses), as my updates failed to attract anyone. So we are talking about an audience change.

Same thing with Twitter and Facebook – we have a very small audience and we have zero impact (so far).

This is about to change.

So effectively zero (wait, I said that already) traffic now.

Introducing Working Backwards!

Let me tell you a little secret. We can always achieve our goals by visualising the end result. The end result for us is 10,000 clients by the end of 2022 as mentioned in this post.

So let’s start by doing some numbers. Numbers are very important to understand how to get traffic to your blog.

If we assume that customers convert at 3%, then 10,000 customers are the 3% of 333,300 approximately. So our goal for the year is to bring total traffic of 334,000 visitors so that we can convert 3% of them into paying clients.

This seems like a huge number to many, but with our method of Building Blocks ™ (just joking, there is no such method) we plan to break it into small monthly and weekly tasks with frequent checks to see where we are at.

If you still think this is a huge number, just take a look at, a guy in the US, whose simple blog bings him an estimated 5 MILLION visits per year. And he didn’t even study marketing.

But he started early doing SEO, he mastered it, wrote blogs, created content and he even got recognised by President Obama. Now that’s an achievement.

Where were we? Oh yes. So 340,000 visitors to Centis by the end of 2022. 

The Action: How Do We Plan To Bring 10,000 Clients By The End Of 2022?

By reversing all the steps of what it takes to get us there (am I repeating myself here?)

At this point, I hear you saying:

“But Sal, you have a team of 35 people to do these things for you. How do you expect me, a single person working from home, with very limited funds and no access to designers, social media managers and acquisition specialists to do that?”

I hear you. And to answer this question, we sat down with the team and we thought: How about if I just do this alone (since I have nothing else to do in the mornings) to prove to you that you can do it as a single person with no help?

Hence, The Challenge:

(In a pompous and serious tone)

Me, Sal, CMO and Managing Partner of Centis, will grow Centis from scratch. Alone. No help from designers. No help from anyone. I will break each task into small, manageable steps, and post screenshots and updates on a weekly basis on how I am doing it.

So currently we have no organic traffic, except for the disqualified traffic we have from the previous blog (which if you remember we deleted all the posts and we are starting over!).

For people to see our posts and start getting familiarised with us and our products we need to:

  • Go where these people spend their time (ok, yes McDonalds, but not really)
  • Put this content in front of them.
We will put content where it’s easy for you to see it

That is the general idea.

Let’s put that general idea into an actionable step by step plan, ok muchacho (oh wait, did I just offend you? No? Ok.)?

Ze Plan (Said a French Guy)

Submit Everywhere:

The VERY First step I would do is submit Centis anywhere they accept it for free. Maybe someone eventually searches keywords like web design or marketing and we get some eyeballs. Anyway, it’s good to be present. I googled “where to submit your startup” and I GOT HUNDREDS of links. Here are a few that stand out:

So starting tomorrow, I will start submitting Centis to each and every one of these links and watch Google Analytics for spikes:-)

Key takeaways here: Submit your website (if you have one, if you don’t, you can get a world-class designed website one from 129 Euros here) to get some eyeballs. It doesn’t matter if you do not get traffic, some of these sites rank, and if/when someone searches the keywords you are trying to rank they may end up looking in one of these sites.

Facebook Groups:

The next thing is to slowly build some presence in the Facebook groups that I personally participate in. Check for reactions. Get a feeling of what the people think.  

Then also comment on people’s problems and provide valuable solutions.

Don’t think this is an easy task. It is HARD work and takes hours to go to groups, search for topics, and think of valuable solutions. However, I am committed to doing this one hour per day, from my phone, while in bed …

But is also rewarding. Seeing that you answer a question gets likes, you feel that you do something that helps someone.

It will be difficult at first – these people will see a total stranger who has never asked, liked, commented or posted anything suddenly is on fire. So at first, no one is going to really react, thinking that I am soliciting for business (which I will do, but not directly, of course).

It also takes some effort not to put your solution out there and genuinely help people.

Here are some screenshots of questions I replied to a few days ago:

I will do this every day for the entire February and track all our traffic from Facebook groups.

Key takeaways: Today there is a group for everything. Using the search bar on your Facebook (Meta now) simply type in what you do or who you help i.e. Yoga, Roofer, Business Owners, etc and join groups. Post HELPFUL content online. Resist the urge to send promotional messages.


Oh boy. This is one of the most difficult tasks. We have two audience groups to target.

  1. Professionals with no website (lawyers, agents, marketers, consultants) to pitch them (ok not directly) our core product that costs €129/mo
  2. Businesses that are looking to change agencies and would love the opportunity to have a battle-tested agency managing their entire email, blog, newsletter, special media and paid advertising for a fixed cost.

At a later post I will reveal:

  • How will lI select the two types of audiences to target
  • Which software I will use to do this as much automated as possible, without losing a personal touch
  • The sequence of emails to send out and how to test it.

Key Takeways: If you sell B2B, then LinkedIn is your best medium to build up a network of people. However, most people fall into the trick of talking about them, and not about how they solve other people’s problems. That’s why you need to be aware of who you are talking to.


Twitter seems to be gaining a lot of traction, but it is not enough to post messages there. My opinion is that in any social media outlet, you need to be able to reach out to people and somehow try to build meaningful relationships.

So far I am posting funny tweets that resonate with people, but I have done zero effort in expanding the reach using the typical follow/unfollow method. My take is? I will work each network until I fully optimise it and then work on all of them together. This may take some weeks, but I will post an update on what I am doing in each.

Update 17/02/2022: In my effort to build meaningful relationships with other influential and mostly Europe-based entrepreneurs, I decided to relaunch my personal Twitter account. This is because I noticed that the Centis account is getting followed and retweeted only by other marketing agencies, and this is not helping us much.

Quick tips and key takeaway: It is best if you have two Twitter accounts, one for your business and one for personal. Remember that people like other people, not other brands, so following, liking and helping other people via your personal Twitter account (essentially, your personal brand) will get you there faster.

The tips I have for you today are: on your personal Twitter account profile, write about your business with a link to the business. When people read it they most probably click on the link to find out who you are.

Second tip: managing two Twitter accounts is hard. For that reason I use TweetDeck, to view messages and streams. I use Ocoya to manage all my social media content, across all networks,


For Instagram, I think that this is not the medium for Centis, but we will see. At the moment, I do not plan on deleting old content – I want people to see that we redesigned the service from the ground up. I strongly believe again that building relationships with people is key here as well.


Ok, when I talk about influencers, I do not mean your typical influencer that promotes products. I am talking about other business owners who have amassed a bigger audience that we did, and influence the behavior of smaller business owners.

Influencers in our space can be:

  • Marketing bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Marketing and business coaches
  • Gurus selling courses about starting a business

My plan is to identify 100-200 of these people, and then interact with their content (add a comment, like them, retweet/reshare) and then cold email them to ask them for a collab.

Cold email

Same as above, but we will target small business owners that have no website and established businesses that need our advanced marketing solution.

I will explain in a separate blog post on how we will do it.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet, for those who are not familiar with the term, is something that we give away for free in exchange for someone’s email or time. It can be an ebook, a webinar, a free consultation, a strategy session, a gift card, anything, you seem fit. A lead magnet is tied with your objectives – i.e. what do you want to do with leads?

In our case, we have the following sequence (and you should too):

Step 1: Prospect sees an ad with a lead magnet

Step 2: Prospect is intrigued and adds his/her email. He is immediately added to our list and email flows.

Step 3: Prospect downloads lead magnet and if we are lucky he reads it

We now have increased our email list size and we can do several stuff:

  • Contact the prospect with meaningful content
  • Offer the prospect a meeting to learn more abou him/her
  • Offer a discount for the first couple of months


I am most excited about this one. As before, while working with the nutraceuticals, we created a community (which is still live but removed all signup forms) called Nutralink.

The community is outside of Facebook and does two things:

  1. It enables people to sign up for free and then navigate to several subgroups to find answers to their problems
  2. It allows people to make meaningful relationships, learn stuff, increase their customer base, find people to help them, all free.

We just got the domain name and we will start building it. I will post a link to signup here.

Writing a Book

Ah, my menace. Two years ago, I decided to write a book about nutraceuticals marketing. This took me a long time to even start writing as I had no time. This time, however, I will build on the existing one, and my timeline is to be able to finish it after Easter 2022.

Let us see how it goes.

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