How to Succeed In Ecommerce Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

So you started an online store and you hoped that “when I open it people will flock”. And this hasn’t happened. You may occasionally get a few sales here and there but they are not consistent. If sales hit a roof or non-existent, here is how to success in e-commerce marketing in our step by step, ultimate guide.

How to Succeed In Ecommerce Marketing

How to Succeed In Ecommerce Marketing Make sure your brand stands out from the clutter. No one wants to be bombarded with just one brand. It’s not possible to become the top seller in the local market and at the same time be known for selling some random brand that you ran out of ideas to promote. In today’s business world it is important to stand out. You can do this by aligning your brand identity with the target market. Consumers are bombarded with too much content which makes it difficult for them to make any connection with a particular brand. Therefore, align your brand with the major trends in your space and generate some buzz. Start with a list of the customers and competitors that you want to reach out to. Don’t restrict your target customers to a particular age group.

Getting Started

1. Set a specific target for each month for each product category, with a monthly budget. 2. Use a tracking tool like Hootsuite or SproutSocial to track your sales. 3. Check your emails for emails of interested customers. Use promotions such as free shipping or free shipping offers, coupons or discounts to create extra revenue. 4. Stay on top of the competition. Be ahead of the game by thinking, looking and observing what other products are being sold, and ways to best compete on price, quality, delivery and more. 5. Sell products for people to experience in a specific period. Build a buying cycle to sell products like holiday gifts, DIY craft kits, clothing or apparel, household goods, etc. 6. Use Facebook ads to reach new customers or people who would benefit from your product.

Product Selection

This is the key, nothing else. If a customer is willing to buy a product, then you have to convince him to buy. Always put the best selling items at the top of your website. If they are selling for low prices, then display cheaper items at the bottom of the page. Be different A few months ago, at my online store we offered mostly handmade bags for women. They didn’t sell. We had to change our product mix. Customers don’t want to buy something handmade from a person in the same country as they are. They want to buy from a person in other countries or a person who is taking great care to make this item. Be accurate Use the Google search engine to find out what your competitors are selling. Keep an eye on what’s trending.

Choosing a Marketing Strategy

In this context, “marketing strategy” may seem pretty vague. I have spent many hours in my own store investigating if I’m doing the right things. I came up with this list for you, what I’ve found to be the most effective marketing strategies. But I also realize that not all of these will work for all of the companies. So you may be asking, what works for my business? What should I do? Well here are the list of 10 Marketing Strategies you can choose from. They are listed in no particular order. Social media Marketing It’s the hottest thing nowadays. And now that you have an online store you can boost your sales with great social media marketing. Don’t think that social media marketing is some easy task, no matter how you like to think. It’s not.

Choosing the Best Marketing Channels

The first step in e-commerce marketing is to choose the right channels to promote your business. We’ve already established that there is no magic wand or a magic potion that will convert anyone. However, there are some things you can do to be better and drive conversions to your store. Here are some of the most popular marketing channels and what your customers expect from them: Social Networking – Increase your sales with social networking. You don’t need to have a huge following or 1 million followers on Facebook or Twitter to sell. There are different types of social media channels that you can choose from to reach your target audience and build a consistent base.

Using Content Marketing

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is to create content. Content marketing is all about creating content that is useful to people in order to build a relationship with them. Content marketing is all about creating articles, videos, infographics etc. You need to produce high quality content. People read articles not to find out what’s happening in the world but to learn something that can improve their life and make it better. Use quality photography and natural sounds in your posts. The overall effect of your content marketing is important. Your audience wants to see what is going to be published in the future and therefore they will stay with you. Using Paid Advertising If you can’t rely on content marketing then paid advertising is the answer.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the key here and without it you won’t make it. You have to make sure your email marketing is consistent. This is the one of the most successful platforms for advertising on your website and people are receptive. If you don’t get a response, you will have to go to the next option. But remember, you cannot neglect your email marketing because you should be asking for opt-ins. Make sure you create personalized emails for your clients and use calls to action to entice them to buy from your website. Video Marketing You need to consider video marketing as well. These videos can be as short as 60 seconds. But they can be very effective if you have them where they will be viewed time and again.

Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly is one of the key elements to any successful ecommerce site. If you have an iPhone and you want to sell your products on it, you need to ensure that your site is responsive to smartphones. Google loves responsive sites which are mobile friendly. When you want people to see your products they should be able to easily browse through them without being taken away from the checkout page. You may also get customers who do not know how to use the iPhone and their search terms will probably bring them to your website anyway. As the smartphone market increases, mobile users have already overtaken desktop users. You need to give them the same experience. Don’t forget that Google is now starting to differentiate search results based on the way you use a mobile device.


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