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How I failed with our Twitter Marketing Plan

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Updated: 13/7/2022

At the end of 2021, I sat down with our team and promised I would single-handedly grow Centis to 10,000 customers by the end of 2022. They all laughted.

So I started drafting a Twitter Marketing Plan which included:

A cleanup of my personal Twitter profile: from following 1800 people, I went down to 834 people, and 830 people follow me. If you asked me how I did that, I used a tool called PowerTwitter (the free version, although the pro wouldn’t hurt). So I unfollowed 50 people each day (I could have done it in a day, but then I wasn’t ready for the content I was preparing).

Content planning: As stated above, I also used this time to check influential people in the entrepreneurial life in Europe (we decided to focus on Europe for now due to the time difference in the UK). This helps me understand what topics they discuss, what kind of people follow them and the content they produce.

Content posting: As soon as I have the calendar in place, I will schedule my posts for a month and then redirect my efforts to engage with other users on the platform.

This is a great lesson by the way, which I wrote about here. Do not do many things at once, focus only on the ones you think that matter (yes, finding out which things matter takes some time, but wouldn’t you rather find out rather than do hundreds of stuff and fail at all?)

So for April 2022, the goals were:

  1. Create four more blog posts around a topic. (Update: I managed to write only one)
  2. Promote these on all channels (I use a service called Missinglettr which drips this throughout the year)
  3. Use Hyperfury (my Twitter tool of choice) to post content both on my social profile and also on Centis’ profile. The good news is that it can also post on Facebook profile and Instagram
  4. Find people with large followings and use my strategy from this post to create some traction
  5. Create a funnel on Twitter so that people who show interest are redirected to Centis and check us out.

20th April Update:

I am now a bit obsessed with Twitter, to be honest – and didn’t expect that.

What I have done so far:

  1. I identified my targets, the people I want to go after their followers, i.e. Richard Branson as you all know owns several businesses, went to space, and is an example of o a successful business person. Chances are that he is followed by millions of people who seek inspiration. Targets include not only business people but also organisations that deal with entrepreneurship, startups and funding.
  2. Created three Twitter lists “VIP Entrepreneurs”, “Companies” and “Journalists” and added each target to a corresponding list
  3. Then I ran Hyperfury. As mentioned above this tool does way more than scheduling, it also provides templates that you can write on, popular tweets from others and also provided follow-up tweets with a link for people to signup to my newsletter. I scheduled a month’s content (it took me an entire day to do so) and let it run.

Here are the live stats from Hyperfury from my personal account:

4. I noticed (obviously) that each time I mention someone, apart from a public “thank you” I get some extra eyeballs. It is too early to see any traction yet.

5. Last month, I only updated my feed with fresh content, and did nothing of the above – I only added hashtags and I saw minor results. This time, what I am doing is following my target list’s followers in an effort to reach 5,000 followers in a couple of months.

Here is the caveat – unless I engage with them, I am just another guy who is posting content. My goal over the next few days is to find a system to send an automatic Direct Message to anyone who follows me back, to say thank you, ask them to subscribe to my newsletter and then:

  • Find their data (name, email)
  • Connect with them on Facebook
  • Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Start an engagement & relationship building via email.

I will share in a different post how this will happen:-)

13th June Update:

Due to time limitations that were caused by the new CRM we are offering as part of all our plans I was unable to do any of the above. So what I did, was only schedule content and post it.

A note of sales funnels on Twitter: I was also unable to sit down and learn how to execute Hyperfury, which in my opinion is great. Hyperfuly enables you to create threads on Twitter, adding a CTA (a call to action) at the end of each thread. Readers who read the thread see the end of it and normally they are hyped to click and go to a landing page.

At the moment, I didn’t see any conversion from Twitter during the month I was spending all the time on it mainly because:

  1. My network and Centi’s network are very small
  2. It increases organically (via posting only) very slow
  3. You need to do ads to increase the audience, and my objective is not to spend money on ads (for now).


If you are a small business owner and have no team, my biggest advice to you is:

Focus on one thing and master it.

Do not do a million other stuff, as you will fail miserably as I did above.

My advice? Start with a platform you are familiar with. Is it Facebook, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn or TikTok & Youtube? Start with just one. Make no excuses (look who is talking) and post content and interact with users.

Otherwise, you will need expert help to do it.

For now, dear reader, if you are reading this please follow @centis and @SalGeorgiou on Twitter and let me know how you are doing.

You can optionally subscribe to Centis’ “Just My Two Cents” newsletter below:-)

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