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Lead generation using quizzes -

I am sure that very few marketers on the supplements manufacturing space have ever thought of doing a quiz-style lead generation. I have heard over the years that this is “childish”, “not serious”, and “our clients do not want fun stuff”.

Let me stop you right there. 

A quiz may wake up memories of you or your wife playing on Facebook, but in the hands of a capable marketer, is more than a tool. It is a POWERFUL tool to generate leads, and it can be as funny or as serious as you want it to be.

So, lets dive in and see how this tool can help you.

The Power Of Lead Generation Quizzes

I t is generally understandable that people love quizzes. These days the world wide web is full of quizzes – you can find anything from “which fish are you” to “how do you stack up against an elephant” type of quiz.

But what happens when you want to use the power of a quiz to generate B2B leads for your nutraceuticals website?

Our quiz is similar to what we ask when we meet a prospect. It encourages visitors to take a hard, deep-dive into their businesses and identify areas that they could improve – or ask us for help.

How can you use this type of lead generation for your nutraceuticals manufacturing website?

You start by identifying who is your ideal prospect. In another blog post, we wrote how to go through this process and identify your ideal customer.

So your first step would be to clearly identify, who your ideal prospect is.

  • Who would you like you to attract?
  • Who would be your ideal client in terms of financial, demographic and social situation?

For example, let’s say you want to attract physical, brick and mortar vitamin shops. Or you want to attract international vitamin importers. Or online retailers, it doesn’t matter.

What you need to do is sit down with your marketing and sales team and identify the major problems your current prospects have, the ones that they email you or talk to you over the phone.

Then you simply put these in a form of questions in a logical order and you assign points to each one.

When you are done crafting questions, you can use one of the countless business quizzes that exist out there such as, to name a few (not affiliated with):

plus many others – a Google search will give you hundreds of results to choose from.

All of the above have a free plan with limited functionality, and if you decide to go for it, they can charge you anywhere between $19 – $99 /mo.

A free alternative to the above is Google Forms, but it lacks a results page based on answers. Below are some guides to get the hand of these, should you decide to go with the totally free route:

What type of questions can you ask in your lead generation quiz?

Well, off the top of my head, if your customer is a vitamin retailer you could ask:

  • Who is your main supplier right now?
  • What products do you buy from them?
  • What are your best sellers?

And then you could lead with statements like the following:

  • You feel that you are not getting enough support from the distributor
  • Your margins are thin, and you would love to be able to add an extra 20%
  • You always wanted to be able to sell your own supplements but you felt you couldn’t support it

At the end of the quiz, you add an email form and you get a qualified lead which you can email to – provided you HAVE an email marketing database.

Moving on with Centis’ quiz analysis…

What happens if the prospect decides to talk to an adviser?

It’s simple. The adviser talks with the prospect about his/her business and try to identify his/her needs by asking a series of thought-provoking questions.

If we are in a position to offer a solution, we will immediately tell the prospect how to fix it with their current team.

If the adviser can match the prospect’s needs with our services, we will simply point out what Centis Digital can do – but that’s it. It is up to the prospect to decide, and all our advisers have been trained not to be pushy, but engage in a consultative approach that takes the burden off the prospect’s shoulders.

But that’s not the end of it.

When the quiz-taker finishes his quiz, he gets a gentle email with the results and a second email that reminds him to either book a call with us or to visit our blog posts.

He is then entered in a sequence of emails that “ascend” him to take specific actions:

When prospects take the quiz, they are automatically segmented into buckets, based on their answers.

Currently, the categories or “the buckets” as we call them are problem-specific, like conversion problems, or managerial problems or traffic problems.

So, when each prospect gets inside a category or bucket, he is entering a specific marketing campaign that specifically addresses his problem.

Of course, situations change, businesses change and eventually, at a time in the future the prospect may not have the same problem as before – which will make the segmentation obsolete, and then he will be moved to the “general marketing” bucket.

You can use the same process to whether you have a B2B business or you are selling to the consumer. The only thing that changes are the questions and the outcomes.

I hear an online retailer ask: “how can I apply this last step to my business? It doesn’t apply to me”.

Yes, it does. You can use it too for lead generation of B2C clients as well. I explain this here.

Let’s say that by the end of the quiz, you redirect the user to a specific outcome. Figurately speaking, we assume they have a blood sugar problem.

You can either take the soft approach and present them with a score, like “Your score is 47 of 100. You have a serious blood sugar control problem and we advise talking to your doctor, as soon as possible” and then you recommend a few blog posts from your blog, OR take the hard -sell approach, and redirect them to a blood sugar page where you clearly state their problem and you recommend your solution.

In either way, we recommend split testing this and see which converts better.

Would you see the value of having quizzes on your nutraceuticals or supplements website? Quizzes can be powerful lead generation tools that can be either used by contract manufacturers or retailers.

Book a 30-minute strategy session to evaluate your current nutraceuticals manufacturing marketing. At the end of the day both of us will walk away learning something from each other – nothing to lose, only to gain.

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