Marketing Funnels For Supplement Stores

Marketing Funnels For Ecommerce Stores

Get expertly crafted sales and marketing funnels designed to convert your visitors into leads or buyers.

The Marketing Funnels For eCommerce Stores service is addressed to busy website owners that want to maximise their profits with every transaction.

How Does A Marketing Funnel Help Your eCommerce Business?

You build sales funnels that allow you to upsell and retain buyers and increase the lifetime value of customers. At Centis we have mastered the science of marketing & sales funnels so you can convert like crazy and have a reliable source of leads coming in every day.

With Centis you get sales & marketing funnels that:

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Make People Convert Easier Using A Marketing Funnel For Your eCommerce Site

A marketing funnel will structure your customer’s journey through your website. From the stage where the potential client learns about your business to the purchasing stage, the marketing funnel map the routes to conversion and beyond.

In the set of steps that lead to conversion, there are a lot of people who take the first step, which is knowing and visiting your website. Then, as the visitor continues along and takes the next steps, some of them leave your site, and the size of your audience narrows. The top of the funnel is when visitors arrive at your website. Only the most interested visitors will move further down your funnel.

How We Design A Highly Converting Funnel For Your eCommerce Site

evaluate existing channels

Lead Generation Strategies (Awareness Stage)

The marketing activities at this stage are aimed at spreading brand awareness. As this is the top of the funnel, the more people you can reach and direct down the tunnel, the better. Therefore, the focus here is on the quantity and not the quality of leads.

Lead Nurturing Strategies (Interest and Desire Stages)

For the interest and desire stages of the marketing funnel, there are two strategies that work well:

Content & Email Marketing

If there’s ever a need for good content to engage your audience, it is at this stage of the funnel. People who have just been introduced to your brand and are ready to explore more are best targeted with relevant and engaging content. Therefore, content marketing is an effective mid-funnel marketing strategy.


Another effective strategy to get people interested in your products and direct them further down the funnel is using product reviews. 

You can use customer reviews and showcase them on your website. You can also get influencers to write detailed product reviews and share them with their audiences. These will help alleviate any concerns people have before buying your product and make them want the product more.

lead conversion

Lead Conversion Strategies (Action Stage)

This is the stage during which you need to convince prospective buyers to take action and make a purchase. Therefore, all marketing strategies at this stage focus on creating a sense of urgency and making it easy for people to complete the purchase. 

Strategies include

  • Free product trials
  • Discounts and promos
  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • Downsells
  • Product bundles
  • Remarketing

How It Works

Step 1

Onboarding Call

During this call, we will identify your needs, learn about your goals and your products.
Step 2

Funnel Buildout

We will start creating your funnel, including landing page setup & optimisation, automation, email lists and thank-you pages.
Step 3


We will launch your funnel, and if you select any paid acquisition, we will optimise on a monthly basis.

Choose A Funnel Plan

Starter (2-Step)

$ 998 One Time

2-Page Funnel
2 Email Automation Messages
1 SMS Automation Message

Advanced (4 Step)

$ 1,998 Once

4-Page Funnel
4 Email Automation Messages
2 SMS Automation Messages

Both Funnel Buildouts Include:

Funnel Mapping

Landing page setup, copy & design

Set Funnel Step Settings

Landing Page Automation

Create Email List

Create Immediate Email Notification

Create Email Automation Sequences

Create Immediate SMS Notification

Add Funnel Action - Email List

Add Funnel Action - Send Lead To CRM

Thank You Page Setup & Design

On The Fence? Talk With Our One Of Our Funnel Specialists