Nutraceuticals Marketing For Retailers & Manufacturers

Are you stuck with a buyer who is demanding, gives you a rough time, and creates a lot of problems between you and your team? You are not alone. Nearly everyone has clients like that. Both sides are unhappy and there is a lot of maintenance. If you feel like some of your clients giving […]

Do you monitor your Google Analytics? In addition, do you take decisions based on your Google Analytics data so as to grow your nutraceuticals brand? Data. If anyone would have told me when I was 25 years old that data is fun, I would probably smack them in the face. Seriously now, most supplements business […]

Have you ever launched a new vitamin/supplement product in the market, with the hopes of making  “a killing” in the market, only to have it  priced wrongly? Enter cost accounting for nutraceuticals. Cost accounting is the method of measuring the cost of production. It is an essential method that gives us valuable feedback in managing […]

If by any chance you read our previous post about how nutraceuticals businesses can use social media effectively, this post about email strategy for dietary supplement brands will probably make you wonder if we are contradicting ourselves. Why? Because whilst you may think that social media may be the Holy Grail of marketing, but it […]

Nutraceuticals marketing is hard. You know it and we know it. However, if you do not properly market your nutraceuticals business, then you are simply out of business. That said, many businesses fail to fully leverage social media in their marketing plans. They post here and there, but their “strategy” ends with just writing some […]

Creating a digital advertising plan as part of marketing your nutraceuticals business is a fun but extremely challenging task. Being a marketer, your worries are how to easily and affordably get people’s attention, push them to your website, and convert them to subscribe to your news and ultimately make them buy, am I right? Digital […]

Creating content marketing is one of the most tedious, time consuming tasks, not to mention the brain drain when you are facing an empty screen. When done right, however, it improves not only your SEO but also the perception that your target markets has towards your thought leadership. To start with, I would like to […]

What is the best way to get qualified leads other than paying for ads, content, webinars and the likes? Talking to people in person at trade shows. I’m not talking about simply going to a trade show and visiting booths. My point is investing to rent a booth and show off your products. In order […]

Mapping Your Buyer’s Path From Awareness to Purchase This is the first post of a series about nutraceuticals marketing This is the whole essence of digital marketing. Creating a buyer’s map allows your nutraceuticals business to orchestrate the building of a lasting relationship with people that never heard of you and a path to convert […]

Are you using the full extent of digital marketing for your nutraceuticals company? The way people find and buy products has radically changed in the past ten years – we gradually moved away from traditional, offline marketing which slowly started to be less effective over time. At its core, marketing has always been about connecting […]