This is our standard process which outlines what to expect from us:​

The Discovery Call

During this call, we will ask you tons of questions to uncover your current situation, what you need from us and whether we can help you or not. We will send you a pre-written list with items we need to have them with you.

The Proposal

If we both agree that we are a match, then our team will sit down and prepare a very detailed proposal. We will then send you this proposal for your review. Items in this proposal can be removed so nothing is cast in stone. Included in that proposal will be an NDA and a contract. If you agree on the proposal, simply fill out your name and click “sign” and our team will get to work!

The Onboarding

When you sign up, we will start the onboarding process. At this stage we will ask you to introduce us to your team, and assign a person that we will get information from – and also send information too. During this process there are a lot of online meetings, questions, ideas and whiteboards, so we advise you to have time during these meetings.

Project Starts

The fun part – we start designing, strategising, and implementing your strategy and tactics we have recommended. At this stage we set KPIs, goals, and we produce content, assets, and hundreds stuff more. You are in the front seat, watching, approving and monitoring everything, as you have a clear view from your Client Portal.