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Outsourced Customer Support
For Ecommerce Stores

Delight your customers, reduce returns and abandoned carts. Build a global customer support team your competitors would only dream of having.

Around 1/5th of your customers will never come back to your ecommerce store because of bad customer service.

Unanswered phone calls, no replies to your service emails, lost tracking numbers, lost orders.

This results in bad reviews on your website, Facebook or Trustpilot and thus not only these customers lose faith in you but they also tell their friends.

What’s worse, future customers will never buy from you because of bad reviews about you online.

Get a Customer Service Team that knows how to handle ecommerce  support, the right way:

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Get Stellar Client Support For Your Ecommerce Site

We’ve onboarded 100+ ecommerce stores around the world. Our process is based on a proven, battle-tested framework that helps any ecommerce store get off the ground with the proper client care team


How You Get Support For Your Ecommerce Site

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Customer Service Agents

Turn your customer service into a profit centre. Your new team of support agents will help you:

  • Increase your sales and conversion rates
  • Boost customer satisfaction and help you remove bad reviews
  • Respond immediately to customer inquiries

Live Chat

Our Live Chat system integrates with a few lines of code to your website. When  customers request to speak with an agent, they are immediately jump on a call or chat or email to assist.

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Email & Social Media Support

Your customer service agents will reply to any customer inquiries via email and also monitor your social media for discussions or questions.

Part of their tasks are:

  • Encourage your fans to interact with your brand online
  • Drive sales through social media platforms such as Facebook comments, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Support your customers on social, email, live chat and telephone

Live Call

As the last step, we provide virtual call numbers that are dedicated to your customer care. These numbers stay with you should you decide to move on.

How It Works

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Signup with a few clicks

Select the plan and look out for an email from our staff to help you prepare for the onboarding process.

Onboarding Call

Our team will onboard you, learn all there is about your business and your strategy about how you want your customers treated - offering our suggestions and procedures too.
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Systems Integrations

Your site will be integrated with our apps, and it becomes immediately available to your customers.
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Dedicated Call Number

You get your own dedicated call number that customers can call.

Getting Started

Your business is taken care of with an international team of 20+ support agents. They are specialised, they handle your customer support and take care of your client happiness. They learn your business based on proven, battle tested process.

You can provide input, of course! During your onboarding process, we learn about you, your business and your policies. We will integrate your specific needs within our processes.

Your agents work 9-5 at YOUR timezone. That is, if your business is in Germany, your customer service requests will be answered during Germany's working hours.

Absolutely! The plans we propose work for the majority of ecommerce stores. If you need something more or less we can offer you a customised plan, based on your needs.


No, if its beyond the scope of customer service. For example, a customer recently asked an agent to copy all reviews from Amazon to their store. We do not allow that.

First, you can contact the agent yourself and say hello. You can ask for a quick update. You will also see the agent's support requests, tickets, replies phone call logs and of course, apart of the amazing comments from your customers on Facebook and Trustpilot, you will have a weekly or monthly report.

This never happens, because our agents are TRAINED to not respond to angry customers, but use words that calm them down.

There is a specific procedure we follow that you approve beforehand regarding refunds. Your agents provide refunds based on the parameters you set.

Each agent is getting accustomed to your policies based on a specific SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) we create. The agent will exhaust all means before they initiate a return. 

Before the service starts, you will be presented all options on how we approach customer service. You also can participate by providing specific instructions, and you can also test the service from time to time.

If however, by any chance you do not like the way that things are handled, we can work with you to align them based on your needs. 

No problem at all! We have more than 20 support staff so you can ask for a replacement.


Still Considering it? Help Your Customers With Their Support Requests.