Centis Creates Advanced PPC Ads To Build Profitable Search Campaigns

Let’s Stop Wasting Money On PPC Ads That Aren’t Making You Sales!

Proven strategies and tactics from industry-leading paid ad experts to drive sales and lower your ad costs.

Running profitable, scalable Facebook ads on your own is a constant struggle. Most agencies have NO Clue how to execute them right.

Thankfully, at Centis we have a proven process to finally gain success on Facebook, and the best part? You do not have to lift a finger.

Acquire New Customers with the Best Offer, Hook & Creative

Your campaigns will use the latest research, tactics and strategies to watch your profits grow as your ad budget is better spent

More Sales. Lower Costs.

Your campaigns are constantly optimised to prevent throwing away money on ads that are not converting

Latest Ad Strategies

Each week we perform a health check and calculate critical data points that tell you if your Facebook ad is a success or not. If it is we ask your permission to scale.

You Ads, Fully Optimised

Your ads will be fully optimised for a profitable and successful campaign

google search ads reporting - centis.net

Genius! Centis team took a virtually non-existent ad account and transformed it into a money machine!  I can’t believe how busy I am getting, and I am considering pausing to get a breath!

– Chase DeMarco

Centis Client

Well Structured, As It Should Be.

At Centis, we do not want our customers to feel limited of what can’t be done. Work with our team to customise your ads, without you lifting a finger.

Proven Ad Frameworks

We will create ad frameworks that clarify exactly what you’re selling (from eCommerce to services & more

Super-effective, emotion-driven hooks

We create super-effective, emotion-driven hooks that stop the scroll by tapping into the desires of your core audience

Leverage eye-catching images

Your ads will use eye-catching images, professional-looking videos, and user-generated content that perfectly supports your ad copy

Compliance with latest rules

Your ad will always be compliant with the platform’s rules so that you don’t have to get banned or pause your income streams.

Scaling Is Easy

Using our data tracking we accurately predict which of your ads to scale & which to cut, so you waste no budget

Capture emails

What is the most valuable asset your business has? Your list. Not just your customer list but also your email list. Grow your list by collecting leads’ email addresses on your leads campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a design to build upon?

As soon as you complete registration, we will arrange for a Google Meet session where we will show you all the available designs and consult you on the best ideas. Then we will let you decide! Remember, you can customise your website as you want – your package contains up to 8 hours of customisations.