Scale Your Business With Quiz Funnels

From service and product recommendations to customer preferences and advanced segmentation, our quiz funnels are designed to take your prospects from just browsing around to purchasing.

Increase your list 10 times faster

If you want to know who is the best fit for your business and what they want to buy from you, then you can scale your business with quiz funnels and use them as a tactical advantage to increase your list. 

Capture 500% MORE Leads

The quizes and surveys you wil lget from Centis wil lenable you to capture 500% more leads from your website and your ads.

Discover Who Is Your Best Client

Only with a quiz you can truly find which client is the best for you

Discover What They Want To Buy

Throughout your quiz questions, you automatically put customers into segments based on the answers

Explode your list

Each time someone completes the quiz, you are given their information, including email, name and much more. These info are added to your list and are readily availble for a myriad of uses

Grow your sales

Many times, a quiz taker is presented with your products, your services or a chance to speak to you. This signicicantly increases your sales, as you have the most qualified buyer, right there and then.

scale your business with quiz funnels-

I wasn’t really convinced until Centis team sat with me and asked me to at least test it out. All I can say is WOW, they were right from the start. These guys know their s%^t!

– Max Lorensky

Centis Client

Scale Your Business With Quzi Funnels, Fast

This is a proven, repeatable system that has generated over $60 million in online sales across 12 different industries. Trust the results.

Email Sequences included

Whether you are starting out or want to see the power of quizzes, we include proven email sequences that introduce the product to your audience and launch it.

Full Funnel Customisation

Our design team will make a funnel that is proven to convert, without you lifting a finger

Live previews

Do not waste any time between your quiz design and running your business. Simply check in frequently while we build it for you and suggest changes.

SEO friendly

Apart from our conversion-focused approach, we design it with SEO in mind. So whatever you require, we will make sure it ranks.

Beautiful on all devices

Today, customers visit your website from their desktop, mobile, tablet or even their smart TV! Your funnel must also live up to their expectations otherwise – you lost them (forever).

Capture emails

What is the most valuable asset your business has? Your list. Not just your customer list but also your email list. Grow your list by collecting leads’ email addresses on any page.


Quiz Funnels


One-time Setup: €450


One Facebook Ad Campaign (Split tested)

Landing Page

3-4 Upsells or similar

Email sequences

Facebook Ad Management