Quiz Funnels for retail & ecommerce that convert visitors into leads

Centis creates fun, educational and entertaining quizzes for retail and eCommerce brands, designed to spark interest in your products, supercharge your conversion rates and explode your sales. 

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Explode your email marketing list with qualified prospects

Centis is a Done-For-You service that supercharges your lead growth. Stop wasting money on ineffective conversion ads that cost you a fortune. You get subscribers (and purchasers) with us at JUST $0.10 - $0.50 PER LEAD!





Our Quiz Funnel Service

Get qualified leads for pennies.

Centis helps you get more leads for less money with highly-qualified leads that already expressed interest in your products With a lead generation that costs pennies per lead, why spend big? It actually costs between $0.10-$0.50 to get a highly qualified lead with Centis!

Find What Customers Want To Buy

Let Prospects Tell You What They Want To Buy

When a prospect fills out one of our quizzes, it is automatically segmented into different audiences - based on their selected answers. This way you can pinpoint what interests more to them more - in terms of content, follow-up, or products and customise all your communications like you are talking specifically to their needs!

Done For You Quiz Funnel

Complete Quiz Funnel in 14 days

Speedy Support

End to end ads, landing, questions, outcomes & emails

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Interactive Content Beats

Centis Quiz Funnels Increase Engagement & Conversions

Centis creates quiz funnels that are fun, educational and interactive, providing instant gratification to each user - and hence visitors are more likely to share their contact information.

Plus leads are 80% more contactable. responding more to post registration questions and are more prone to buy.