Your Marketing Needs Some Fine Tuning

It sounds like you have some things figured out, but not completely

Ok, so your marketing doesn't seem to be so consistent, I dare say.

What you need is to create a plan, and then put this plan into practice.

Here Are Some Tips

  1. Create Instant Sales With Facebook Ads:

To bring instant leads to your site, the best way to do it is via Facebook ads, which are (still) less expensive than Google ads. The key is consistency.

Start with a geographical area and invest 5 Euros/GBP/USD per day, no more.

Leave it for at least three weeks.

2. Invest in great email software.

We highly recommend Klaviyo or our own CRM (provided free with every plan). Both have the ability to generate forms that capture the names and emails of your visitors, add them to email sequences and create emails on the fly.

If you are struggling with how to do that we can help.

3. If you have a local business, make sure you get a Google My Business page and then structure a program for every person who buys from you to give you a positive review.

You will instantly get in front of other, competing businesses which don’t.

We have an amazing Google My Business Ranking service which we offer for free to test for 7 days.

2. Make sure you have lead capture forms:

You can’t grab leads if your forms aren’t working or they are not enticing enough for visitors to sign up and receive your emails and offers. 

We can optimize your forms and connect them to your preferred email marketing system,