You Are A Marketing Superstar!

It seems that you have everything covered!

You mentioned you are actively promoting your website via ads, email marketing and have a clear value proposition.

Chances are you have crafted offers and your remarketing brings you a great ROI.

Scale Your Results With Quizzes

Have you thought of exploding your list via quizzes? We can show you how and since you answered our own quiz, we have an amazing offer (you won’t be able to say no to).

Quizzes let your users answer what they want to buy, and not only are added to your list but they get customised answers based on their results allowing you to customise your offers to suit their needs.


Why Quizzes?

At Centis, we have learned the secrets of quiz sales funnels and developed our own proprietary formula.


A quiz lets a user answerthoughful questions and realise things he/she didn't know.


A quiz has 74% more chances of persuading a customer to purchase than an ad, especially if there is an incentive on the offer, like a discount, an attached ebook, a course and so on.

User Segmentation

Quiz responces are segmented into different silos of information, so that you can customise your marketing communications, ads, as well as the products you introduce to each customer based on what silo they entered.

Offer Solutions

Based on what quiz takers answered, you can offer them solutions that matched what they answered.

About Centis

Ever Dreamed Of Your Business, Running Itself?

Centis is a digital marketing agency turned-platform which enables small and medium-sized businesses and startups to launch a world-class semi- custom website, support it with marketing and scale their business for a flat monthly fee, without lifting a finger.

We also offer a complete, full-stack marketing solution for established businesses which include consulting, monthly meetings, blogging, social media, email marketing, digital ads and much more.

Digital Marketing

Centis offers multiple plans for different budgets and specialises in brand awareness, sales funnels and email marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has a ROI of 1400% in our experience working with brands since 2017. Get your list explode with sales, remarketing, offers and messages that make your customers drool for the next!

Digital Advertising

Open the faucet and sell your products or services or your appointments. Generate leads and remarket them.


At Centis, we make every client feel unique. It sounds far-fetched, but we care. Your business and its success are VERY important to us. So we are always available to talk, advice and provide quidance.