Secrets of Building Highly Effective Quiz Funnels for Real Estate Agents

Secrets of Building Highly Effective Quiz Funnels for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to generate leads and close deals.

If you are playing this game for quite some time, you have tried everything – dropping leaflets, placing ads, going to networking meetings, getting cards in the hands of anyone and much more. 

These methods may have worked in the past or they may be working now in certain geographical areas, but they are fast becoming obsolete.

One method of generating leads is creating a quiz funnel for your real estate business. If case you didn’t know, 

One strategy that has gained popularity in recent years and you may not have considered yet is the use of quiz funnels. Quiz funnels are a powerful tool for lead generation that can help you to attract, qualify and convert leads into clients.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using quiz funnels and how to create one for your real estate business as an increasingly popular way to engage with potential clients, collect valuable information about them, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

quiz funnels for real estate agents

What are Quiz Funnels?

Quiz funnels are a type of lead generation strategy that uses quizzes as a way to attract and qualify potential leads. Its the type of quizzes you see in the popular BuzzFeed, but more serious in nature:-)

A quiz funnel has all the typical elements of a funnel:

At the top of the funnel, there is a qualification ad on social media – like Facebook or Instagram – or a search ad like Google and Bing, 

Then a landing page where prospects will take the decision to take the quiz or not

Behind the landing page, there is a sequence of questions that are designed to identify the needs and preferences of the leads.

Once a lead has completed the quiz, they are presented with customized results that are tailored to their specific needs.

These results can include personalized recommendations, resources, or even a consultation with you as the real estate agent.

Why Use Quiz Funnels for Real Estate Agents?

Quiz funnels are a highly effective lead-generation strategy for real estate agents for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they engage potential leads in a possibly fun (it depends on your style and your target market) and interactive way, making it more likely that they will provide their contact details or engage with your business in the future. 

But what does engaging potential leads actually mean? 

If you have ran ads before, you will surely know that people simply click on your ad, land on your site and then browse for a while and then leave, leaving you most of the time empty-handed, without their name, email or at least of what they are interested in. Also, the conversion rate of a quiz funnel is at about 50% compared to traditional ads.

With a quiz you get a highly qualified lead Рa potential customer Рwho interacts with your questions and at the end, it provides them with information that is relevant and helpful to them. This could involve initiating conversations, offering free advice or services, or even providing discounts on products or services. 

Secondly, by asking targeted questions about a lead’s preferences and needs, you can gather valuable information that will help you to further tailor your marketing messages and offerings.

How does this work?

Well as a real estate agent, you can greatly benefit from creating quiz funnels to help better target your prospects and build relationships with them, turning them from mere visitors to your site to potential customers.

A quiz is an automated series of questions that a lead interacts with in order to get more information about their preferences, needs, and interests. By gathering this data, real estate agents can tailor their marketing activities and offerings more effectively, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales. 

Finally, quiz funnels are a great way to nurture leads and build trust by providing them with valuable insights and personalized recommendations.

But how does this help?

Well, it’s simple really. Any lead that finalised the quiz is a highly qualified lead because they took the time to go through the questions and also added their name and email. This is then added automatically to a database where you can fire automated email sequences, nurture, build relationships and even book appointments – and this is how you transform a visitor into a potential customer and how quiz funnels for real estate agents work!

How to Create a Quiz Funnel for Real Estate

Creating a quiz funnel for your real estate business is easy and straightforward. To start with, you’ll need to identify your target audience and the types of questions that will resonate with them.

1. Identify your Target Audience & Set Goals

For example, if you specialize in luxury condominiums, you might ask questions about preferred amenities or location preferences. Once you’ve developed your questions, you can use a variety of quiz-building tools to create your quiz and integrate it with your website or social media channels.

Then, after identifying your target audience, you set the goals you want for your quiz. Ask what your quiz wants you to do. Is it to sell offers? To gather qualified leads? To accumulate a massive database of emails and names quickly to be used for remarketing? Or is it to book appointments with as many as possible?

Set S.M.A.R.T goals and then move to the next step – creating the ads.

2. Create Highly Converting Ads To Promote Your Quiz

The next step involves a bit of science and a bit of art. We strongly suggest getting some expert to help with ads creation because whatever you do not know can be defeating and may stop a good agent from really trying this amazing qualification method. The ad must be highly relevant to the quiz topic to avoid bounce rates.

When it comes to promoting your quiz funnel, you can use a variety of channels such as social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to attract potential leads.

Make sure that you use a curiosity-driven headline or a benefit headline that drives real estate investors into your quiz. For example, here are ten, very highly converting headlines for your review:

1. “Find Your Perfect Investment Property Match: Take Our Quiz Now!”

2. “What Kind of Real Estate Investor Are You? Discover with Our Quiz!”

3. “Unlock Your Real Estate Investment Potential with Our Quiz!”

4. “Maximize Your Profits: Find Your Ideal Investment Property with Our Quiz”

5. “How Much Do You Really Know About Real Estate Investing? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!”

6. “Ready to Supercharge Your Real Estate Portfolio? Take Our Quiz!”

7. “Get a Head Start on Your Real Estate Investments: Take Our Quiz Today!”

8. “The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Quiz: Are You Up for the Challenge?”

9. “Take Our Quiz and Discover Your Unique Real Estate Investment Strategy!”

10. “Investing in Real Estate? Take Our Quiz to Ensure Success!”

 Needless to say, you need to also include a nice image of a property, people smiling or a video – but the video needs to be short and not distracting.

Then simply write your ad based on one of the headlines above. For example, if we were about to write an ad for #6, then the copy would be something like this:

Are you ready to take your real estate portfolio to the next level?

Our quiz is designed specifically for real estate investors who are looking to supercharge their portfolios. Get personalized insights that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and take your investments to the next level.

Imagine having a portfolio that consistently generates passive income and grows in value year after year. With our quiz, you can get the guidance you need to make smart investment decisions and achieve your financial goals.

Don’t wait another minute. Take our free quiz now and start building the real estate portfolio of your dreams!

3. Create the Quiz Topic & Questions

So, after that, the ad takes them to the landing page where the quiz is hosted, normally embeddable within your website. If you have done a good job with your ad, only those people interested in finding out more about their situation will take the quiz.

4. Create the Outcome Pages

Once they complete the quiz, most times you will have an outcome page or several outcome pages based on your objectives and the quiz topic you selected.

For example, you could simply have a Thank You page with a calendar for quiz takers to book an appointment with you and learn more about what they are interested in.

Or, you could have an outcome page where you load a portfolio of properties, that is generated based on what answers they provided.

Or, you could have a pdf guide to download. 

5. Add (Automatically) Their Email Into An Email Database

Whatever it is, you now have the name, email and answers of a qualified lead. Now this email and name are then automatically loaded into an email marketing software, like Mailchimp, ConstantContact, Klaviyo or any software you prefer, and what you do is make sure you have you can follow up with customized results and a call-to-action to encourage leads to take the next steps toward working with you.

Why email? Well, according to research, real estate agents see email marketing to have an average ROI of 3,800%! So that means that after paying for the ad, the rest – having a lead, contacting them frequently, nurturing them and sending them deals – is pure profit!


Quiz funnels are a powerful tool for real estate agents looking to generate leads and close deals. By engaging potential leads in a fun and interactive way, quiz funnels can help real estate agents to identify your potential customer needs, build trust, and provide personalized recommendations. With the right tools and strategies in place, you can easily create a quiz funnel that will attract high-quality leads and help you to grow your real estate business.

If you are interested in creating your own quiz, there are many solutions out there. However, paying for the best software is just 30% of the equation – getting an ad right, creating the right questions, finding your ideal audience and then writing the emails, are the remaining 70%.

Seeking the right partner can be stressful and most times, a waste of money. Centis, The Quiz Funnel Company can help as quiz funnels are all we do, all day long.

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