Sales Funnels For Nutraceuticals

Including health and dietary supplements, vitamins for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Let’s face it. A full digital marketing campaign is chaotic, to say the least, and has a ton of moving parts. For that, you need a sales funnel, an organised, visual process that maps the desired steps your ideal client want you to take until he buys your supplements products, through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles and landing pages that will do the selling for you.

Impressive Projections

Centis Digital helps you plot out your revenue, expenses, and forecast dynamic conversion rate scenarios. Run realistic projections to get your funnel from break even to profitability before you even spend one dime on traffic. Price your offers correctly for maximum revenue potential.

Monitor Results in Real-Time

Get your real time dashboard to help your entire team track and analyze the people that enter your funnel, the actions that they take, and the paths that they flow to become leads and customers.

Centis Digital works with you to create optimal funnels that convert. 

Landing Pages Integration

Context is everything. We integrate our Funnel Mapping with landing pages so that we can visualise the flow, comment and change assets in real time.

Email sequencing

Finally, writing copy directly from the funnel, planning out email ops and list management with actions and conditions. Beautiful reporting and real time data at your team's fingertips.

Understand Client Actions

Whether it's purchases, watching a video, completing a form, clicking a specific button, etc. we track it.

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