The Aspiring Entrepreneur Plan

You never thought having a website and marketing this way before.

The 2-in-1 Platform to have a world-class website, grow your business and provide the best experience to your online visitors

Why select Centis & The Aspiring Entrepreneur Plan from any other agency out there?

Stunning Website

We create as fast as a few days, a world-class semi-custom website that showcases your brand, shows what makes you special and helps convert visitors faster, better and easier.

Embedded Analytics

Rather than figuring out where your traffic comes from, how many people visited your website or how long they stayed, we show you live analytics of your website traffic, as soon as you log in in the dashboard. 

Optimised Lead Forms

Your website must work for you 24/7. That's why we embed lead capture forms that are optimised to get your incoming traffic. Lead are transferred to the CRM that is included in the system!

Lite CRM

Each customer gets an embedded CRM which includes unlimited contacts, unlimited staff, mobile app as well as email marketing campaigns enabled. Plus 100GB of space for files, with upgrade options.

Done For You Newsletter

A business with no marketing is a business lost. Rather than figuring out what to write or emailing people here and there, we write it for you and we send one custom-written newsletter on your behalf, monthly!

Blog - Ready

Grow and educate your future customers with a blog-ready system, already embedded and optimised for you! Instantly publish to your social media channels and have your content be emailed to your newsletter.

"Sorry, what do you sell, exactly?"

Well, lets put it simply (not). You know when you starting up your business and want the best website for your budget? 

But then again, you realise down the road that the agency/freelancer you gave your website have no clue on how to send a newsletter and do marketing?

This is wher Centis comes in. We not only create a world-class website that reflects your brand, i as little as a few days, but we also do the marketing for you. Actually we ARE a marketing company – the webdesign is just a by-product.

Why Customers Choose Centis

World-Class Website

Stand out with a highly converting semi-custom website that reflects you and your brand.

No Contract, No Risk

Unlike other agencies, we do not lock you into contracts. Simply cancel whenever you want, and take the website with you. If you are on annual payment, we will refund you the remaining balance.

Professional Marketers

Burned by an agency before or scared of the horror stories?  With Centis, you can ease as you are in capable hands.

Low Monthly Fee

The Aspiring Entrepreneur Plan will set you off just €149/mo (€129/mo if you choose the annual option) and includes 8 hours of customisation, compatible plugins that ensure the success, SEO-optimised design and marketing!

Fully Distributed Team

When you select Centis you are in the hands of a fully distrubted, knowledgable team that not only knows web design but also marketing.

Monthly Newsletter, Done-For-You

We write, stylise and send with your brand name and email a fully done-for-you newsletter to keep your subscribers engaged.


How do I select a design to build upon?

As soon as you complete registration, we will arrange for a Google Meet session where we will show you all the available designs and consult you on the best ideas. Then we will let you decide! Remember, you can customise your website as you want – your package contains up to 8 hours of customisations.

What type of designs do you offer?

We offer semi-custom designs, meaning that your website is prebuilt with all the elements needed to work. Do not worry your website will be customised based on your needs so it will not look like anyone elses!

Will my website be visible while on production?

God no! Your website will be built in a password-protected area where only you and our product designs have access to.

Can I see a demo of a website you have built?

We would LOVE to show you a couple of demo websites. Simply go to this page and book an appointment at a time and date that suits you best.

Can I cacel my Centis subscription anytime?

Of course! Just login to your website, go to Settings and hit “cancel account”. There are no hidden fees, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

What languages Centis support?

We support any language in the world. All you have to do is fill out a template with English on the left and your language on the right and we iwl lsimply copy and paste o your website. Any changes, we can do them with you afterwards, before the site goes live.