The most important business lesson I learned in 2021 -

The Most Important Business Lesson I Learned in 2021

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In the second year of COVID-19, our agency was starting to see a plateau. Whilst several businesses were starting to adapt to working remotely, we were remotely working since 2017. But this wasn’t really the problem.

As businesses started to cut expenses, hiring interns to do the work or simply going to big firms for their marketing afraid not to waste any marketing ad spend, we were starting to feel that going from the only nutraceuticals agency to having multiple competitors overnight, just because a kid was laid off and decided to start an “agency”, wasn’t going to cut it.

It was this time that our team (we take decisions together) decided to split the agency into two and expand, as I first mentioned in this blog post.

So looking back now, I realise that I learned a very important business lesson.

Ready? Here it is:

Start doing one thing, and do it well. Do not be a jack of all trades.

So from serving supplements and nutraceuticals to expanding to eCommerce businesses while offering more than twenty different services – content writing, Facebook ads, PPC, influencer marketing, social media management, photography, conversion optimisation and more, really drained our team which at that stage was a small one – just short of 30 people.

This was an important business lesson – to narrow our focus to just three services – website design, which we didn’t offer before but everyone was asking for it, email marketing and ads.

Here is the secret on doings so: it doesn’t matter which sector we serve now, as long as we focus on these three things. We do not do everything, just these three. We hire faster and train better, which skyrocketed our results.

And if I am not mistaken it was the Master of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee who famously said “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.”

We now live by that quote.

How this applies to your business

Whether you are selling supplements online, offer yoga classes or are a plumber – find what you do best and offer it. Become really known for it. Soon enough, people will come to you with their problem that can be fixed by your product or service – this specific one.

It is easier said than done – It took me nearly three months to decide to actually make the decision, bring the team on board, scrap years of blog posts that were addressed on the nutraceuticals sector AND come up with a new business model.

Are you facing change in your business? If so what is the business lesson you might have identified, and what are your thoughts and plan on tackling the challenges?

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