Website & Digital Marketing For Accountants & Financial Consultants

Everything an accountant or financial consultant needs to grow their practice, all in one place

Get Appointments Faster, & Book Them Online

Make your accounting website accessible to your local or global audience, by showing your brand and in a beautifully designed, semi-custom website. 

Our websites for accountants and financial consultants work automatically to capture and manage leads all in one place.

With the embedded CRM system, you or your team can quire leads, book appointments and start conversations easy.

All accounting websites that Centis creates are fully mobile optimised, looking amazing on desktop, mobile & tablets.

Your clients can look up your services, see your resume or profile info and request more information or book an appointment for a free consultation.

Live chat on site enables your to grab a lead’s details, and qualify them on the spot or book them on the spot.

And depending on the plan you choose you can start your accounting or financial consulting marketing with a custom-written newsletter to stay top of mind, or opt in for Facebook ads and Google search and display ads to accelerate your lead generation efforts.

How To Start Growing Your Accounting With Digital Marketing

Speak with an advisor & choose a plan

Book an appointment here to speak with an advisor who knows the ins and outs of website optimisation, marketing and will help you to select your plan.

we develop your website - centis

We create your website in a few days

Next, during your onboarding session you will provide us your details, text and images – do not worry, if you do not have any, we can do this for you.

Start growing your accounting with marketing

In a few days your website will be live and ready to accept your first visitors! Now all you have to do is promote it – and we can help you accelerate your results.

An Accounting Website That Reflects Your Professional Services

Let your business show off its uniqueness with a fully branded website that is created just for you. Engage leads like never before with powerful online chat, services, pop ups and even online calculators.

Centis’ websites are created specifically for accountants, financial advisers, financial consultants,  and other finance-related professions.

website for accountants and financial consultants
graphs-visualiser for financial accounting- centis

Your New Accounting Website Features

The semi-custom websites for accountants & financial consultants give you or your team the power to: 

  • Easily update your opening hours
  • Have a free consultation form, should you wish to
  • Have specific pages for practice areas with custom-made booking inquiries
  • Case results
  • Q&A for your clients to get most their questions answered before they even contact you
  • Team Member Pages
  • Before & After portfolio
  • Display your prices
  • Have an online calculator for visitors to calculate their cost
  • Online visualiser graphs

Embedded Analytics

Having a website is half the battle; the other half is to see your traffic and being able to monetise it.

With Centis websites for accountants you can see, right from your dashboard:

  • How many visits your site had
  • From which campaign
  • How long people stayed on a page
  • Which articles they read
  • Which articles lead to a meeting
  • The number of times a calculator has been used
  • Plus much more
website and marketing for real estate agents - analytics - centis
real estate website - centis
real estate marketing- centis
Centis CRM

Powerful Lead & CRM Engine

We do not just create a website and leave you there, as most web design agencies. Your new accounting or financial services website features a powerful lead and CRM engine that enables you to generate free leads right from your site.

  • Mobile – first
  • Capture, qualify & close, right from your website
  • See your entire lead activity from views, searches and favourites
  • On-site Messaging that captures attention, answers questions and keep the lead in your website until they book an appointment
  • Leads funnel so you can see at which stage your leads are
  • Push notifications and followup reminders

Marketing Without Lifting A Finger

Having a website is one thing, but driving qualified traffic is another. 

Start with a plan that sends a custom-written, DFY newsletter to your list, and scale up with targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Bing and Google.

Depending on your plan, we will set up specific landing pages for you to book appointments or get leads, directly into the CRM.

Facebook ad for accountants - centis


How do I select a design to build upon?

As soon as you complete registration, we will arrange for a Google Meet session where we will show you all the available designs and consult you on the best ideas. Then we will let you decide! Remember, you can customise your website as you want – your package contains up to 8 hours of customisations.

What type of designs do you offer?

We offer semi-custom designs, meaning that your website is prebuilt with all the elements needed to work. Do not worry your website will be customised based on your needs so it will not look like anyone elses!

Will my website be visible while on production?

God no! Your website will be built in a password-protected area where only you and our product designs have access to.

Can I see a demo of a website you have built?

We would LOVE to show you a couple of demo websites. Simply go to this page and book an appointment at a time and date that suits you best.

Can I cacel my Centis subscription anytime?

Of course! Just login to your website, go to Settings and hit “cancel account”. There are no hidden fees, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

What languages Centis support?

We support any language in the world. All you have to do is fill out a template with English on the left and your language on the right and we iwl lsimply copy and paste o your website. Any changes, we can do them with you afterwards, before the site goes live.