WebSite Strategic Review: A Trained Eye for a Small Price

1. Recorded step-by step screen share video detailing observations and suggestions

2. 1-Page written report


Limited Time Price!

We speak with hundreds of eCommerce business owners who are struggling to convert visitors into customers.

They think they are doing everything right. But they can’t seem to get the traffic, the leads, the conversions and the growth they desire.

Do you need a second opinion on your eCommerce website?

Many of these same businesses can’t afford an agency like us to put together a comprehensive eCommerce strategy. And in most cases, they simply want a little direction.

That’s why we started the Website Strategic Review.

For $97 (Limited Time Price), we will do a comprehensive review of your entire website activities. After you complete a questionnaire that will provide us background on your goals and priorities, we will provide you with one-page report and video screen-share with step-by-step observations and suggestions.

Topics will include:

  1. Home Page
  2. Product Page
  3. Descriptions & Calls to Action
  4. Use of capturing leads
  5. Conversion best practices
  6. Blog content
  7. Engagement Strategies
  8. Strategic Suggestions

Once we receive payment, we will immediately send you a questionnaire to be completed to start the process. Within one week, you’ll receive a one-page report complete with a video review of your website!


Limited Time Price!