Why Creating A Buyer’s Map Is Critical For Your Nutraceuticals Business

Mapping Your Buyer’s Path From Awareness to Purchase

This is the first post of a series about nutraceuticals marketing

This is the whole essence of digital marketing.

Creating a buyer’s map allows your nutraceuticals business to orchestrate the building of a lasting relationship with people that never heard of you and a path to convert them into clients.

This Map is a process that you should use every time you want someone to go through from not knowing your business all the way through to becoming a new customer.

Unfortunately, unlike many other processes in your business, marketing is not a one-step process. We have consolidated all efforts into (not simple, but effective) eight stages you must consider towards the path to purchase and promotion.

Understanding and ultimately, implementing the Buyer’s Path is a strategic decision, and is at the core of everything we do here at Centis Digital. It is used as a blueprint upon which every other digital marketing discipline and tactic is built.


An Overview of the Buyer’s Path

To give you a 3,000 foot overview of the path, here’s how it looks:

If you are ready to delve in, lets guide you through the 8-step process of crafting your digital marketing strategy for your nutraceutical company:


Step 1: Awareness

Before someone can buy from your nutraceutical company, they must know you and your products—correct?

Well, becoming known is the first step in our Buyer’s Path.

Somehow you must become known, and you must become top of mind when someone thinks about vitamins, supplements, private label nutraceuticals.

Here Are Some Examples of Marketing that Generates Awareness

Truth be told, there are countless of ways that you could make your products aware to potential buyers. Let’s look three potential scenarios:

  • B2C: A mum sees an ad on Facebook for the benefits of K2 vitamin
  • B2B: A product manager searches Google to find a new private label supplier.
  • B2C: A teenager sees an Instagram video of her idol promoting the latest vitamins for glowing her.

Depending on whether you are marketing your nutraceuticals B2B or B2C, there are certain media distribution networks that work better for each function. For example, Facebook ads are perfect for driving awareness to consumers, whilst Google Ads can work both for B2B and B2C.

Here is a fantastic example of a company that creates awareness on Facebook:

The Digital Marketing Functions That Create Awareness For Nutraceutical Marketing:

To create or increase awareness of your nutraceutical company, whether you sell B2B or B2C, you need to either learn or hire for the following tactics:

  • Advertising on Social or Search that applies to nutraceuticals regulations for each target market you focus
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for nutraceuticals
  • Content Marketing for nutraceuticals and supplements
  • Social Media Marketing


Step 2: Engagement

Having completed the first step, creating awareness, you now have a list of people – or potential buyers – that are aware of you. However, your business and what you do is still very new to their minds. They don’t really know you, or trust you to do business with them.

The next step is to start developing a relationship with your prospects.

This step, the Engagement Step, is where building a relationship with your nutraceuticals buyers happens. What you need to do is design content that engages using entertainment or information.

This step, as well as the awareness step, is pointless is you just do it once. Both Awareness and Engagement are essential to continue throughout the Buyer’s Path.


Examples of Nutraceuticals Marketing That Engages Prospects

To engage prospects, means you have to have designed content that specifically does this. Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish for your nutraceuticals company:

  • B2B: A prospect who has signed up for your newsletter gets an email announcing that you are now stocking Fish Oil at a special launch price.
  • B2C: The owner health store becomes active in a Facebook community for losing weight.
  • B2C: A prospective mother watches a YouTube video from ConsumerLab showing her how to combine prenatal vitamins with proper nutrition.

Let’s look at another example of B2C engagement from RealDose Nutrition, an etailer selling supplements online. This is an entertaining quiz – which is also content –  for one of RealDose’s most important customer segments—people wanting to lose weight:


Here Are The Digital Marketing Functions That Create Engagement For Nutraceuticals Companies

To create or maximize engagement for your nutraceuticals company, the digital marketing tactics you need to master or hire include:

  • Content Marketing For Nutraceuticals & Supplements
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Step 3: Subscribe

When you complete the Awareness and Engagement Steps, you can be sure that your prospect knows your company and has engaged with you in some level.

However, with attention spans that getting lower, and with the multitude of content, promoters, marketers, companies and everyone who is trying to get your prospects attention, chances are that he will forget all about you in a matter of minutes – or days.

So how can you fix that?

You need to push your buyer to the next step which is to give them the option to subscribe, so as to hear from you more often.

In the Subscribe Step, your prospect provides you a way to staying in touch with him/her by offering you their email and potentially other contact info.

To do that, it’s not going to be easy. In order to “push” your prospect to this step, you will need to provide something that is perceived as valuable to them.

This can be in the form of a white paper, a check list, and ebook, a webinar, or access to a “VIP only” member’s area.


Examples of Nutraceuticals Marketing That Generates Subscribers

To persuade someone to provide one of his biggest online assets, his email address, you need to craft content that your prospect finds valuable. Here are some examples:

  • B2B: A sourcing manager of a large nutraceuticals retailer signs up for a webinar presented by a nutraceuticals manufacturer about the possibilities of adding Vitamin K2 in their product line.
  • B2C: A college girl fills out a form on a blog to receive a free sample of beauty vitamins.
  • B2B: The Marketing Manager at a mid-sized nutraceuticals manufacturing firm signs up to download a guide showing a set of new nutraceuticals marketing tactics he can use to create better campaigns.

To access any of the above examples, provided that they create a sense of value to your prospect, they need to fill out a form, provide their contact information, and then the information is sent out in a form of a thank you page or email or both, in order to access it.

  • The sourcing manager is sent the time and URL of the webinar.
  • The college girl is sent a thank-you email telling her that her vitamins have been posted.
  • The marketing manager is redirected to the thank you page and being sent an email.

Whatever it is, all subscriptions start with filling a form.

Nutraceuticals Marketing Functions That Generate Subscribers

To increase your subscriber list for your nutraceuticals company, the digital marketing tactics you need include:

  • Content Marketing for nutraceuticals and supplements
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising, optimised for nutraceuticals regulations
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


Step 4: Convert

Let’s suppose for a minute that your prospects are now aware of you, they have engaged with your content in one way or another and you actively adding their emails in your database.

From a sea of prospects, chances are that some will remain passive, and some of them will at the stage to move a step further.

For a variety of reasons, some prospects are ready to buy, and some are not. The prospects who are ready to buy have probably liked the information you shared so far, engaged with you started to trust that you are a solid company.

Chances are, your prospects are ready to invest in one of two ways: either with time or money.

If the prospect has never bought from you the product you are offering, if they are investing for the first time in your formula or if this is a new territory for them, this step is critical in the Buyer’s Path, and it frustrates so many sales, marketing and operations people.

In order to be successful in this stage, you need to utilize what is widely known as “initial break-even offers”. You create offers that provide all new buyers immense value for money,without putting them off.

At this stage, if you ask for a for a significant MOQ in products that need explaining, labeling, packaging and a huge amount of governmental regulations, would be asking too much, too soon. Bear in mind, that you’re still in the early stages of relationship.

As a matter of fact – and whilst this sound counterproductive- it’s too early even to concern yourself with profitability. That’s right: in this stage of the Buyer’s Path, you might simply want to just break even in order to acquire a buyer.

So to repeat:

If you are pushing a buyer to convert, you must consider setting a goal to just acquiring buyers or verifying the commitment level of the leads you already have. Your goal here is to get a customer in. DO NOT have profitability in mind.

If you ever paid attention at the Marketing 101 in school, it costs 10 times more to acquire a customer than sell to an existing one.

An existing customer has more chances to buy again.

That’s why you see so many companies selling you stuff for a very low price. Their goal is to acquire a new customer. Profits come later.

Examples of Nutraceuticals Marketing That Converts Customers

  • B2B: The Marketing Director at a large nutraceuticals manufacturing company purchases a high-dollar marketing agency’s book for $8 on the agency’s website.
  • B2C: A mum schedule to attend a health work shop organized by a health store near by
  • B2B: A college girl takes advantage of a $9 skin formula instead of $45.

So your goal here is not to make a huge profit. Your goal is to change the relationship between you and your subscribers.

Because, as mentioned above, once a subscriber becomes a customer, his chances of buying something more of greater value increase, and will do it more frequently.

From one standpoint, since you spent money on getting people to learn about you, engage with you and subscribe to learn more, there is no reason to spend much more to become your customers.


Nutraceuticals Marketing Functions That Generate Conversions

To create, improve or maximize conversions in your nutraceuticals company, the digital marketing tactics you need include:

  • Advertising in Social, Search or Display for nutraceuticals
  • Content Marketing for nutraceuticals
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Marketing


Step 5: Excite

Since you did everything else and you converted a subscriber to a customer, you must have a feeling a sense of accomplishment. Despite that the customer spent only a fraction of what he would have spent otherwise, it is still a big deal.

Your goal now is to ensure that you do not lose momentum once the transaction took place, and your customer shares your excitement – and also the customer gets the best experience possible.


Well, it’s simple really. If your customer doesn’t get enough value from this transaction, feel neglected and no one from your team makes the next step to check upon them, they will never move on to the next stage and make the next bigger purchase.

How can you ensure that the customer gets the best value, the best experience?

First, you need to make sure that whatever you sell is of amazing quality. If your nutraceutical products are not amazing, if they do not do as you promise, then marketing can only do so much.

Second, your buyer must get value from their last transaction with you. That’s why we call this state, the Excitement Stage.

It’s the stage that each time you sell something, whether big or small, you customers must be excited to make the purchase as well as when they receive their order – and after that.

Examples of Nutraceuticals Marketing That Creates Excitement

  • B2C: A woman buys a bottle of vitamins online and finds a hand-written thank you note and an additional bottle of vitamins as a gift.
  • B2B: A start up that purchased a range of private label vitamins from a nutraceuticals manufacturing company goes through an instructional walkthrough teaching them how to best sell them online.
  • B2B: A Marketing Assistant reads through 3 eye-opening blog posts recommended via email by the marketing agency that they hire in advance of their first consulting session.

The excitement stage ensures that your marketing is providing your customer the opportunity to get more value from doing business with you, instantly.

Nutraceuticals Marketing Functions That Create Excitement

To create, improve and accelerate excitement via your buyer’s purchases in your nutraceuticals company, the digital marketing tactics you need must include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing specifically tailored for nutraceuticals and supplements


Step 6: Increase The Value

At this stage of the Buyer’s Path, you’ve more likely invested time, money, and resources in order to acquiring leads and customers.

Since you are breaking even at this stage, understand that it is acceptable, and here’s why:

Your entire efforts up to here, lead to investing in your future profits.

To remind of what we discussed previously, it costs 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it is to sell to an existing one.

Remember, that your first sales aren’t about profits. It’s all about converting a prospect to a customer, so you can start the beginning of a beautiful, long, and profitable customer relationship.

However, note a very important thing. Spending money to acquire customers at break even, only works if you have the setup, strategized and created processes to monetize those customers on the back end.

The Value Increase Stage of the Buyer’s Path is where your customer will be ready to buy more and more often. If your business has a main product offering, this is the place to make that offer. For example, if you specialize in private labeling Vitamin D, offer them Vitamin D. Once your customer purchases your main product, it’s time to present them with other relevant offers, like Fish Oil, Turmeric and more.

Examples of Nutraceuticals Marketing That You Can Increase The Value

  • B2B: An online health retailer private labels multivitamins in gummy forms and pay extra to have the prenatal gummy range too.
  • B2C: A new mum buys a bottle of vitamins to support her immune system and adds a skin cream, a body scrub and even a candle.
  • B2C: A woman with a family of four buys a subscription to a vitamin company for $40 per month that includes vitamins for the whole family, instead of paying for each individually..

When you and your team design these value increases, and provided you will execute them properly and timely, your customers will thank you. People pay for convenience and the promise of greater gains, if they offer is presented now.

Nutraceuticals Marketing Functions That Increase Value

To generate more value when you sell your nutraceuticals, whether you sell B2B or B2C, the digital marketing tactics you need include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising on Social, Search and Display
  • Content Marketing for nutraceuticals


Step 7: Advocate

Ok, chances are that you sold your customers something, you created excitement for what they purchased and you maintained the momentum by selling them more.

Congratulations, you probably have a happy customer who purchased repeatedly from your nutraceutical company.

Which brings us to the next stage in the Buyer’s Path to create marketing that encourages your customers to speak about your business.

After selling them and creating excitement, it is now time to gently “push” your customers to become your promoters. Most people won’t do it in the way you want them to, but, if the experience was great, when asked about you, they will respond favorably.

Examples of Nutraceuticals Marketing That Promotes Your Brand Via Your Customers

This final stage in the Buyer’s Path is considered to be out of your marketing control. However, nothing could be more further than the truth. In marketing, you can engineer almost any step of the Buyer’s Path.

The same is true in this stage. You can create marketing for your nutraceuticals company that intentionally generates more people that spread the word for you

Lets see a few examples:

  • B2C: A woman enters a contest to win a box of new hair vitamin from a wellness company by shooting a video review detailing how great her new vitamins make her hair look shiny and bright.
  • Upon request, the Purchasing Manager at a pharmacy chain writes a glowing review of the new supplier he purchased vitamins from.

You can engineer this process in the simplest form: writing an email and simply ask.

A simple email designed to turn customers into promoters by asking for a review, is sometimes all it takes.

Other ways you could explore this avenue include a phone call when you sell B2B, or even social media messages.


Nutraceuticals Marketing Disciplines That Generate World of Mouth For Your Company

Getting customers to spread the word for your brand is important because it helps generate awareness, trust, and credibility for your nutraceutical business, expanding a message to a similar audience to your customers’ — which helps you to get more of the same and grow your business.

To get more people spreading the word in your nutraceutical company, the digital marketing tactics you need include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Marketing


If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the next one in our series.

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